Another Fabulous DATE Contest!

1/17/2012 The Charmer 15 Comments

First off, for any of you who are on the hunt for Featherstone McGee, he just passed my office and waved at me. I totally could have claimed that free dinner. Ha ha ha.

Secondly, I had a pseudo-date with Colonel Paisley last week in which we worked out all the details for a little contest that I think some of you may be very excited about. That’s right, you now have a chance to….


(Before we go any further, I must point out that it was quite strange to be discussing my boyfriend on what felt very much like a date with a different boy. Because yes, Paisley just happens to know Mr. Dir. In fact, he actually told me an amusing story about stalking him around the Wilk during his freshman year.)

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes.


Here’s the breakdown from Paisley himself:

The Interest
Who is Colonel Paisley? One of you lucky readers gets to find out! And then you get to decide if he's really as exciting as he seems. Maybe he's boring. Maybe he's charming. Maybe he looks like a dweeb. Who knows? You will. The Charming Paisley Coalition proudly presents a second date competition! Mostly because of reader request.

The Appeal
A... date with Colonel Paisley. I just said... never mind. This date will be on January 27th and will be getting a fantastic dinner consisting of your favorite food and going to see The Merchant of Venice. (Colonel Paisley will pick you up at 5:23 pm and you can be assured that it will not be a marathon date)

The Action

Filling out questionnaires are for online surveys about winning "free" iPads and then getting incessant phone calls from marketers who want to give you "free" stuff for only $7 a week for a year. Who wants to answer plain ol' questions? Blah blah blah. Just kidding, Featherstone, you know I love you.

Here's the questionnaire, but instead of merely responding, I invite you to let your creative juices flow! For bonus points, write me a short story, an epic poem, a Dr. Suessish tale, iambic pentameters, limericks -- whatever you like! As long as you have fun and show your creativity. (I think that if you choose this approach, you don't have to address ALL of the questions)

Or...okay. You can go ahead and just answer the questions.

Your name [of course]
Favorite font (I’ll give you a hint: He told me he doesn’t want a “Comic Sans” girl)
Left- or right-handed
Guilty pleasure food
Your favorite joke [can be included separate from the poem if it is long]
A reference to one of your favorite songs, e.g. “but the man there said the music wouldn’t play” [bonus points if you can name the song]
Your idea of fun
Favorite genre of movie
Favorite Christlike attribute
You and science – friends or foes?
Life – serious work or fun game?
Manliest man you know – in your own life, from movies, from modern culture, wherever. Explain briefly.
City or country?
Cats or dogs?
One [or more] weird quirk that you’re secretly proud of [for me, I like to walk on tiles like a knight in chess – two spaces forward and one step sideways. I also don’t step on sidewalk cracks.]
Your idea of a perfect date in 15 words [yes, I’m obviously borrowing some questions from Featherstone’s questionnaire]
Your life passion(s)
Write me a haiku
On a scale from Harpo Marx to Danny Kaye, how quick, witty, or clever are you? [Feel free to interpret that scale however you wish]

EDIT: Please also include your age/year in school and location (aka Provo, Orem, etc.)

Well ladies...there you are! You'll have a week...until next Tuesday, the 24th at 10:13 pm to get your applications in! Turn them into best of luck! Last time we did this, things turned out very well for our lucky lady. Maybe you'll have a similar experience! Maybe not. But remember, even if there's no spark and you don't get will forever have the satisfaction of knowing that you won a date via the Anti-Austen blog. (It's one of those things you tell your grandkids.)

SO...get those creative juices flowing!

The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

Might I ask, how tall is Sir Colonel Paisley?

Sir Colonel Paisley is an average 5'10" on a good day, 5'9" and a bit on a bad day.

You should apply anyway! Yay!

Also, the captcha for this comment is "ingenue." I hope you also enter!

Jessica said... does the walking on tiles like a chess knight work? do you go two forward, one left, then two forward, one right? If you don't alternate, things could get smashed up against a wall pretty quick...

Also...Sheriff Troy. Love.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I'm on study abroad right now. :(

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to include pictures? or just overall enjoy the 100% anonymity of it all?

Anonymous said...

Well, this sounds like fun. Lots of fun. Especially the being creative idea. I'm in. It'll just take a while to finish... But should be fun whether I win or not!

Ingenue said...

@Paisley: Cute. Very cute. :) I'm working on something for you... you may have to be quick in order to find it though. ;)

Jessica: I do both of those, and sometimes I take one step forward and two steps to either side. If I am alone [in other words, not within the judging eyes of others], I will step with my right foot 1 forward, 2 right, and then with my left foot 1 left, 2 back from the right foot, keeping to the knight's movement, and effectually spinning in a circle... I'm really nerdy. Sorry.

Studyabroanonymous: feel free to apply anyway! Perhaps I can look you up when you return to ye olde Provo.

100% anonymous: It's up to you. You can enjoy the anonymity, or you can enjoy being yourself. I'm cool with either one.

Ingenue: I... have no idea what that means, but I am incredibly curious about it.

Today's caption is "gynder." It's like a BYU version of the word gender? I don't know.

Jessica said...

1. Never apologize for nerdiness.

2. I just have this hilarious image of an anonymous male spinning in chess circles in an abandoned WILK in my head now. Thanks for that. Don't worry...I'm laughing with you. Totally.

themantis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
themantis said...

Though I may be one of only a few men who are manly enough to read this blog, what about a DATE contest for us guys?

(Sorry for the "comment removed". it was an accident)

Anonymous said...

I vote the Coquette or the Closer do the next date contest. There enough guys on here for it to work out well enough.

Anonymous said...

when should we expect to hear who this lucky lady is?

flutefairy said...

Are we going to get to hear about how this date went?

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