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1/15/2012 The Blue Stocking 5 Comments

Since returning from Christmas break two of my roommate’s guy friends have been frequenting our house. Every time they come over I politely exchange a couple words of chit chat, then left. After all I don’t want to be that roommate who takes over all conversations with her roommates friends. For two weeks they've “been in our neighborhood” and decided it would be rude not to stop by wink wink. For some reason it never occurred to me that their purposes went beyond the need to chatter endlessly.

After another lengthy visit from our neighborhood roving friends my roommate got a text from one of the fellows. “Is the Blue Stocking dating anyone?” And then my roommate, without my knowledge, went against girl code and gave him my number. Now I need to clarify. There is nothing wrong with this boy. In fact, he is very nice. The reasons I didn’t like him were due to the fact that he believes he is the bee’s knees. Every time he came to chat he was gloating about his most recent achievements and how impeccable he was at one thing or another.

Arrogance annoys me. Awkward I can do. I can even handle creepy to some extent. But arrogance will not be dealt with kindly.

I got his call and a date was set. Ice Skating.

I love ice skating in fact, just the week before I was wishing that I could go ice skating with a guy. It’s a real dream come true…

The real beauty behind the ice skating was I thought there was no way the date could be extended beyond two hours. After all who skates for more than two hours right? O boy was I wrong.

He picked me up and we headed to his place where we met the other couple. It was here that we began to make our own dinner. I quite like this idea of cooking and getting to know each one another and the other couple was a hoot. Then a very strange thing happened. There was a knock at the door and without the request being answered by the owners, a girl stepped in, found her way to the couch, and turned on a basketball game. Not kidding. The four of us just sat there.

My date whispered an introduction, saying the girl was a friend of theirs and she didn’t have TV. But still I was befuddled. Did she not realize she was a mere two feet away from a double date? So we talked over the basketball game and started the customary round of twenty questions. Midway through asking my date about his family the couch girl walked up to the kitchen table and started preparing a plate for herself. Baffled. I was baffled. It took every ounce of me not to burst out laughing.

Now we were entering into hour three and off to the rink. As we hit the ice my date very smoothly glided towards me and grabbed my hand. I looked down at his audacious hand and then up to his sheepish grin. His response to my bemused glare was he didn’t want me to fall…cute. Little did he know the only one in danger of smacking their head on the ice was this fool boy if he intended to put anymore moves on me.

We went around a couple of times before I slipped my hand out of his grasp, assuring him I was stable enough at this point. We continued talking until my date tired of my slow inexperienced pace and ever so rudely took off without me. Every once in a while he would shout an unrecognizable comment my way as he darted by.

Instead of being upset, I enjoyed the freedom of separation, realizing that I had no interest in this ever wandering boy. We actually didn’t start ice skating together again until he found me on the side of the rink gorging myself on donuts and hot chocolate…classy. He once again took my hand and we were back on the ice. At this point in the date we were on hour 5. Hour 5! I was exhausted my feet were exhausted and our conversation was exhausted.

After making very subtle comments about my damaged feet, he decided it was time to call it a night.

When I woke up on Saturday I ruled out a second date. I felt our marathon had proved that I was not interested and his nomadic ways agreed with that conclusion. To my surprise he texted my roommate “Do you think the Blue Stocking would want to date me?”

Date him? I barely knew him. Her reply was a gently yet firm “no.”

Which is why I was even more surprised when he called me later that day. And then I gently yet firmly declined a relationship with this boy.

10 bucks says I see him every day at school from now on


The Blue Stocking

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Heidi said...

You guys (the Anti-Austen writers) seem to have so many stories like this. Sometimes it makes me wonder if most dates people go on are like this (awkward, way too long, guy is rude, etc.). It also makes me wonder sometimes just how many guys are like this (i.e. maybe just fine as friends, but not so great as a date). Having not gone on more than a handful (literally) of dates myself, and going for very long periods of time in between said dates, I don't have very much experience in the area. I guess what I'm saying is that I wonder if I happened to have the opportunity to start dating a lot more, if more often then not, this would be the result? I would hope that most times, even if a guy isn't for me, he could at least manage to take me on a decent, fun, normal date. Then again, maybe it's the dates like this that make life interesting.

Alden Waite said...

Being a guy, I'd like to think that most guys aren't like this. It just that guys like this are highlighted in the Seas of Provo Dating because they make you shake your head in disbelief, hoping that your next date won't be with one of them (or that you're not one of them, as the case may be).

There's a right way to approach the roommate of a girl you're interested in, and a wrong way.

This is a classic example of the WRONG way.

Heidi, Alden is right. For the most part guys are not like this. I have gone on a lot of great dates, but for some reason I have a lot of awkward dates too. This probably has more to do with me than with these guys ha ha. Anyways, I hope no one walks away from this blog thinking that we in any way believe that most guys are jerks. I know there are incredible guys out there on campus. It just takes a while to find one that suits you best.

-The Blue Stocking

Heidi said...

Don't worry, I don't think that you think that most guys are jerks. I suppose it's (usually) just more entertaining to tell and read about the dates like this than the other kind, huh?