Ladies and gentleman, the one and only Featherstone McGee.

1/13/2012 The Anti-Austen 5 Comments

Dear Readers,

Featherstone McGee is once again single (and will now be switching to the first-person perspective). I half-heartedly apologize for not providing you with a plethora of details about the relationship, but the truth is simply this: I don’t want to. This part of my life has been very personal to me and I do not wish to share it with the general public. I hope that you understand. I did join the Anti-Austen thinking that it would be exciting to anonymously share my dating life with the world. It turns out that when I find something good, I prefer to keep it close.

Coming up with something to write about has been very difficult. I’ve sat down at my computer several times with the intent to write something for my one January post. Many thoughts have crossed my mind, including, among several possible topics, the words “give up Featherstone McGee entirely” and “reveal your identity to the world”. Don’t worry. I won’t be leaving you forever (I hope).

I’ve settled on this: I will be taking a hiatus of an undetermined length. I need to plunge myself back into the complex dating world of BYU. I will be back when my passion for dating has been restored. You see, I just can’t write about something that I’m not passionate about. Until I return, feel free to email me at Ask me anything. I feel like telling you more about me, but, as in life, I’m not quite sure where to start. I would like to get to know more of the wonderful readers that frequent the Anti-Austen.

I know that I need to start dating again, but the desire is lacking. I recently received the advice to jump back into the dating world, so I’m going to give that a shot. The desire won’t come from sitting on my couch, watching all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies on Bluray or laughing at the first three seasons of Big Bang Theory. The desire will come from doing. The desire will come from successes and failures and experiencing life (hey look, I managed to weave some semi-useful advice into this).

Also, as a little game, I’m leaving “Featherstone McGee was here” tags on whiteboards in the Wilk. There’s no objective to this game – I just get bored at work. Be kind to employees at the Wilk! You never know which one is me!

Featherstone McGee

P.S. If you can find me I’ll buy you dinner (I don’t expect anyone to actually try, but the offer is out there)!

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The Closer said...

Featherstone! I've had a sales manager train us that "motivation comes after action", so I think your thoughts about "doing" are spot on. Good luck as you dive back into the pool, it sure bites.

P.S. If I don't find you, I think I'll just watch some episodes of NCIS and pretend like you are McGee and we're hanging out.

The Charmer said...

I'm totally chasing you down and making you buy me dinner.

(Just kidding)

Haley Dennis said...

I work at the Wilk too... weird!!

@The Closer: I chose to add the McGee name to Paisley's proposed "Featherstone" because Timothy McGee reminds me of myself. :) So you're right on! I love NCIS.

@The Charmer: Kidding? Darn... :P

@Haley: If you work at the Wilk, then you've probably seen me already.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a "Featherstone McGee was here" tag.
Are they still up?