A Tale of a Break

1/03/2012 The Charmer 2 Comments

As I sit here at the computer, taking a break from trying to arrange my miserably screwed-up class schedule to write a blog post, I gaze out the window at the mountain-less horizon that reminds me I am far from home. Mr. Director's gently sloping backyard is covered in a layer of powdery snow, despite the fact that it didn't snow at all until yesterday. It seems absurd that this break is already over and that I have to jump back into doing school tomorrow. Did I really just spend 8 days here? Did time really fly that quickly?

I laugh at something that Ms. Performer says. She was the other-girlfriend-brought-home-over-break/my partner in crime this past week, and we were so grateful to be going through this together! All my fears vanished the second we stopped off the plane together to greet our boys. Now we sit here, both struggling with our winter semester schedules and intermittently taking breaks to discuss our respective relationships. Our boys have both left for their airplanes back to Provo and we won't follow them out for a few more hours still.

Then I glance down at the ring on my finger and smile.

Yes, it really is quite lovely. A pink flower and a pearl.
I love my cheap Forever 21 rings.

No no, I'm not engaged. Obviously.
But I sure hope I at least got a gasp out of some of you. Ha! I'm terrible, aren't I?

Anyways, this break has been quite fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that I didn't write a blog post and I didn't answer any emails and I hardly got on Facebook and I didn't order any textbooks and I didn't figure out my class schedule yet. I'm not quite ready to head back into real life. I like it here.

I had a fun time with Mr. Director and his family. They are all so great! I loved watching him interact with them, especially because the little ones just adore and idolize him so much. It was also fun to see the people who helped shape him; I liked being able to figure out how he became the person he is now. And, despite the fact that we were going to be the "cool" couple and resist any outlandish displays of affection, I must confess that by the end of the week there was a handful of little boys wrinkling their noses at us every time we tried to steal a kiss. (Whoops.)

The only casualties this week: one broken pinky finger (his mom), one sprained ankle (his brother-in-law), a bruise the size of Rhode Island (me), and an occasional bout of crying (the little guys). We had quite the exciting week. Soccer, kickball, Super Smash Bros, wallyball, basketball, football, frisbee, and slaughterball were all on the agenda...as you might guess, there are a lot of boys in this house. The girls found time to escape for some girls' nights, too, which was fun. I'm currently sporting a fabulous sparkly pedicure. I also have spent hours upon hours playing this addicting game they got for Christmas called "Betrayal at House on the Hill." There were days when I swear the only thing Mr. Dir and his bro-in-law thought about was that game. I lost count of how many times we played it. In between rounds of Betrayal we also managed to fit in some rounds of Bang!, Harry Potter mafia, and bowling, among other games.

I swear I got like 4 hours of sleep every night. Man I'm tired.

Well, I'm off to pack. I'm crossing my fingers that everything fits into my carry-on bags.

And I promise I'll be back to regularly-scheduled posting soon enough. :)

The Charmer

PS-- It's 2012. Holy cow.

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You should have seen the freak-out in my apartment...

And the subsequent disappointment as I continued to read your post.

I'm sure that's exactly what you were going for.

I'm a little embarrassed.

And I owe somebody money now.