November Wrap-Up

11/29/2011 The Charmer 9 Comments

I am sort of at a loss as to what I should write about today.

This is a new phenomenon for me. I usually have way too much to say (which is always why my posts are so long).

So, I'll put it out to you guys. Is there anything you're dying to ask me? Any random thing you're longing to know about me? Give me some FAQs to answer. You can post them in the comments or send an email to

However, I would like to take a moment to say thank you! to all of you who took my November challenge and especially to those of you who sent in success stories. I'd still love to hear from you if anything good came out of it. I know this might sound cheesy, but I honestly think that post was inspired. That's not at all what I was planning to write about that day...but in the midst of drafting my post, the idea just came to me and I ran with it. I'm so glad I did, as it sounds like a handful of you have had very good fortune after deciding to step a little outside of your comfort zone.

A little snippet of one of our reader's success stories:
One reader told me that she was "painfully shy" and "scared of boys." When she first read the challenge, she "scoffed" because as she put it, "I am not a bold person. At all."
But then she started thinking about it...and she decided to take the plunge and tell one of her best guy friends (who she also happens to like a lot) that she would love to go on a date with him. She then said,
To my surprise (and utter delight), he replied, "Yeah, I've actually been thinking about that."

We do not have a date set up yet. He is not interested in me romantically in any way. But I feel good. If nothing else, I feel like I have grown from this experience. To be perfectly honest, I'm extremely proud of myself. :)

So thank you for your encouragement!

Oh, you certainly deserve to be proud of yourself--that's not an easy thing to do! I'm proud of you, too! It warmed my heart to hear your story!

Another exciting story actually involves the blog Waited For a Sister Missionary, if any of you are familiar with it.
Basically, the author of this blog waited for a sister missionary. Things didn't work out. If you read his most recent posts, you'll discover that he has begun falling for a girl he calls Mirage.
Well, guess what?! Mirage just happens to be a loyal reader (and commenter!) on our blog!
I was extremely excited to read her email since it started out with Even just starting to write this, my heart is beating so frantically, it's ridiculous. (Twitterpation has been experienced by yours truly before, but NEVER to this degree, so that should give you some idea as to where this is headed.)

And here's her story about what happened...
I started reading [Waiting for a Sister Missionary]. And then I kept reading. And kept reading. AND KEPT READING. The more I read, I thought, "This guy is literally my dream man. I want to meet him. I want to date him." In reading his blog more I had quickly discovered that things were not looking positive with the sister missionary. She was home, and didn't appear to be particularly interested in rekindling what they'd had. So, at the request of the Charmer to 'just go for it' or whatever it was that she said, I went for it. I sent him an email as well as commented on his blog. (Oh so bold, right?)

And then...he commented back and conversation ensued. And then they became friends on Facebook and talked some more. Then they went on a date...and things just started falling into place. I decided I'd also share Mirage's final advice with all of you:

Long story short, thanks to 'just doing it', I am dating the greatest guy I've ever had the pleasure of associating with. Thanks Charmer, call me cheesy, but I didn't know it could be this good. :)

And, to all of you doubting Thomasinas out there, JUST DO IT. It may not seem like much, but a simple comment on a blog post got me into the best relationship I've ever been in. As our dear friend Brother Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates," but you have to actually reach into the box and grab a chocolate!

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Mirage!

Anyways, there's still one day left in November if you've been considering my challenge and have yet to take part.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Good luck finishing out the semester!

The Charmer

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Dear Charmer,

We're wondering how the can-I-spend-14-hours-in-a-car-with-you test went?

~Featherstone McGee y The Chosen One

Anonymous said...

What Featherstone and Chosen said...

As in, they are spending time together, as in, hanging out significantly, as in, more than one date?!

Just give us the deets, Peets.
No need to be trim, JIm.
Tell me it all, Paul.
No need to be coy, Roy.

Jenny said...

Nice rhyme, Paisley!

Come now, Paisley! You can't expect me to divulge everything in a single comment! I will, however, give you this: Featherstone and The Chosen One have indeed continued getting to know one another. :)

If you're really good, maybe I'll give you the rest for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

What exactly constitutes "hanging out significantly"? Just more than one date?
If that's so....Featherstone already gave you those 'deets' in his post....hahaha.
Be careful what you wish for, Colonel Paisley!

You just might get it!

Mirage said...

Awwwww shucks, thanks for posting this Charmer! :) You make me feel so lovely. Even though I don't need to live my love life vicariously through the Anti-Austens anymore (hahaha) my excitement for other people's goodness has grown exponentially in the past few weeks, and I want to hear these 'deets' as well. I'm dying here!

Anonymous said...


The only thing I wanted for Christmas when I was 14 was an ipod. That was it. All my friends had one! All my cousins had one! The custom was, upon receiving an ipod, to take it to school and/or family functions and show it off to as many people as possible. I wanted that more than anything.

However, around Thanksgiving, my Father lost his job, and I knew in my heart that I wasn't going to get my ipod. I even relinquished my request for one--I knew it would just make my parents feel bad.

Christmas morning was still exciting--but I was resigned. No ipod this year, and I knew it. But at the very end of our gift-opening, my parents pointed out a small package in the tree--it was my ipod.

I was ecstatic! Extremely so. But, instead of flaunting it at school, I kept my ipod in my pocket at all times, sometimes reaching into my pocket to make sure it was real. It felt so sacred! I didn't want to share it.

The fact of the matter here, is that sometimes when God gives you gifts you don't deserve/expect, you feel that you should keep them to yourself until you're sure they can't be taken away.

The Chosen One

Mirage said...

The Chosen One,

You deserve it. All of it.