The Moment You Ladies Have Been WAITING For!

11/08/2011 The Charmer 14 Comments

Alright, single women of Provo who also happen to be free this Saturday night....

...Here's YOUR chance to score a date with a very eligible BACHELOR!

As you might recall, there has been some interest in recent weeks of setting up dates/playing a sort of dating game. There was particular interest in Gallant Sir, who wrote in for advice...and then turned out to be none other than Featherstone McGee (who also caught the eye of many of our female readers).

SO's your big chance. You (yes, YOU!) have the chance to

(And thankfully he is NOT Tad Hamilton.)

Here's a message from Featherstone himself:

As you may know, The Charmer has thrown the gauntlet and issued a challenge to be bolder for the month of November. I have picked up said metaphorical gauntlet and accepted. My first act of boldness was to pick up two tickets to BYU’s Murder Mystery dinner for Saturday, November 12 at 8:30pm.

The Charmer has also put forth an intriguing proposal (no, not that kind – The Director’s position is safe):

Okay okay. Can we turn this into a game? And sorry, dear Featherstone, if you are bothered by the idea of us playing games with your love life. But if you really don't have anyone in mind for a date, what say you to sending us a sort of "date application" with relevant questions? And then all the interested ladies could "apply" to be your date? And then we would send you all of their applications and you could choose one who you think might be most compatible with you? Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it!

If you don't, that's okay. You are totally allowed to bash my idea.
But I think it would be marvelous.

If you're game, shoot us an email.

The Charmer”

I now present to you a collaborative production forged from the efforts of The Charmer and Featherstone McGee. If you’re interested in accompanying me, please take a few minutes to answer 20 questions and then your answers in an email to either or Feel free to include anything else you’d like: additional information, pictures, recipes (if you haven’t caught on yet, I cook), confessions of undying love, etc.

~Featherstone McGee

20 Questions:

Describe your perfect date in 15 words or less:

Cat person or dog person?

Least favorite movie genre?

Second favorite book?

Dessert of choice?

Favorite season?

Favorite activity to do in aforementioned season?

What kind of music do you listen to?

Are you more of a city person or a country person?

If you could have lunch with any person from past or present, who would it be and what would you order?

What are three things that set you apart/make you different from the rest of the girls in Provo?

Are you a clever person? i.e. if I take you to the murder mystery dinner, will you be a useful addition to my mystery-solving team?

What are you most passionate about?

What is your favorite scripture and why?

If you were granted three wishes what would they be?

What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

What makes you laugh?

What is the silliest-sounding word you know?

If a movie was made of your life, the soundtrack would consist mainly of songs by:


Okay ladies, get on it! I'm going to set a deadline for Thursday at noon. That means you have two whole days to craft your most witty responses to these 20 questions. However, it also means that if you want to submit an application, you need to ask fast.

--One date (and possibly subsequent dates?!) with Featherstone McGee
--The opportunity to guest post on The Anti-Austen blog about the blind date (if you want)
--A possible run-in with The Charmer and Mr. Director (I may very well choose to introduce myself to you)
--A fantastic and unforgettable evening with a really awesome story behind it! (And you know me, I'm ALL about the stories.)

And, ladies, one last request from our dear Featherstone-- I do value my anonymity and if we get responses to this post and I choose one, I would hope they would respect my desire to remain anonymous.

Please keep this in mind. :)

Okay........go! [I am SO excited about this!]

The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

I just have a very innocent question.

How tall is Featherstone? I only ask because, like the Blue Stocking, I am fairly tall for my gender and wouldn't want to be on some awkward date with a man shorter than I.

Anonymous said...

Featherstone is 5'7". Not the tallest fella, but doesnt have a short complex.

jenerator said...

Darnit, my hopes and dreams have been destroyed! But thanks for asking, Anonymous Number One.
Lucky Winner, YOU ARE SO LUCKY!

Anonymous said...

Can we get in on this even if we aren't in the US at the moment? Maybe a future date?

Anonymous #3, I don't see why not. Just add that little note in. ;)

Heidi said...

Yeah, like Anonymous #3, I don't live in Provo right now, but I will in 2 months...and this sounds fun! If you don't find "the one" this weekend, could this be an ongoing thing? ;)

Katri said...

this is hilarious. only The Charmer would think of something as awesome as this :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm kind of sad that Featherstone is more popular than I am with the ladies, but I'm also kind of proud that I named him.
"My little boy's all grown up..."

Joel Herrey said...

Hahaha! What really cracks me up is the transparent excitement by The Charmer: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it!" .. "Okay........go! [I am SO excited about this!]" ;D

Great questions you worked out, by the way! Best of luck now!

Miss Terious said...

How many people have actually sent in their answers?
Colonel Paisley. I'm sure The Charmer would be delighted to do something similar for you. :)

Grace Miller said...

In response to your question, Miss Terious, I've sent my answers! You know what they say--the early bird gets a date with Featherstone McGee.

The Charmer said...

Fret not, Paisley, we can set you up on dates, too. :)

Anonymous said...

When are y'all announcing the winner?