Intentional or Unintentional, it's still called Stalking!

11/06/2011 The Blue Stocking 6 Comments

Last week I I told you I would be posting about the guy who's my size...maybe he should get a name. Conner. Perfect {I actually have no idea why this is perfect}

Conner and I met a while back through mutual friends and that meeting was quickly followed by stalking.

The question is who's stalking who?

Let me explain.

Conner and I happen to meet every morning at the same stop sign and then we walk up to campus together. Always.

I love walking with him; we chat, we laugh, we have a grand ol time.

But now the coincidence of always being at that stop sign at the exact time is starting to get at me. Is he stalking me or gasp does he think I'm stalking him. Does he think I'm some creepy weirdo hiding in the bushes ready to pop out the second he walks by?!

In cases like this I immediately do what I always do: I avoid....

On Monday I hussled to the stop sign at an unusual rate and beat him to the corner and even though I could see him only yards away, I booked it ahead. What can I say, I'm a silly girl with pride issues. And to make matters worse I did this for the rest of the week. Smooth...

Even with my week of avoidance I couldn't escape. A group of my friends, in the light of the halloween spirit, wanted to go to a haunted house and Conner was going to be there. By this point I was feeling very silly about my week of pride issues so I decided then and there that I was going to be friendly, I mean the least I could do was say hello.

Well that's exactly what I did and then we got talking again I remembered all the reasons why I considered ditching high heels for him. Before I knew it we were in the haunted house and our group of friends were no where to be found. For the next hour we were alone and instead of awkwardness we laughed, we told ghost stories, and we got to know each other. It was brilliant.

This night made me realize that I was going to quit tampering with what my friends called fate.

The next week we walked everyday to school together...but by Thursday I was feeling like a stalker again. Maybe he thought I was following him around in the haunted house, maybe he thinks I'm weird, maybe he thinks I'm in love with him.

This would just not do.

That night I was wandering through the library thinking how freaky it would be if I saw him there. That would for sure tip the scales of stalker and he would forever be freaked out by that one tall girl. I laughed. I can barely find people I'm looking for in this place, let alone the one boy out of thousands I'm avoiding.

I found comfort in this thought and casually made my way to my usual spot and slipped in front of my favorite computer and started unloading my books. Then I noticed there was someone sitting next to me. I looked up into the shocked face of Conner.

How is that even possible. HE IS EVERYWHERE!

To top it off that weekend I met up with our mutual friends for a movie night and of course he was there. When I walked in everyone started laughing...apparently Conner and I were wearing matching outfits. Adorable. Since I don't do well with teasing {stupid pride} I ignored my friends pathetic attempts to get me to sit by him and in the middle of my conversation with Conner I went across the room and sat by my other friend. Idiot...

I don't know what to do.

At this point I can't even say if I like him because I feel like he is getting shoved down my throat.

For now the the plan is to stop these stupids avoidance games before they get out of control and just go with the flow. I can be flowy, right?

-The Blue Stocking

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Katri said...

oh dear! this sounds so not fun. but maybe it is going to be such a good love story ;)

Mckenna said...

Hahaha that's so funny. Fate does some weird things...I know a couple that only started hanging out because they kept running into each other on campus all the time. And then...they ended up as my parents. The running joke is that it was us kids pushing them around from heaven like chess pieces.

Heidi said...

Haha, I wouldn't worry about it. You don't need to avoid him. Just keep talking to him. Maybe you guys will just be really good friends. Or maybe something more...? Either way, it's good right? Don't worry about what other people think. And if you're worried about what he thinks, maybe find a subtle, casual way of mentioning it to him.

welllll, you could just relax and like you said "be flowy"

The fact is that YOU know you're not stalking him so if it's meant to be, he won't be weirded out and if its can still rest assured that despite what HE may think, you WEREN'T stalking him.

Just my thoughts...I know relaxing is always easier said than done. Good luck.

Rosie said...

This sounds like something I would do!

Also, I think you should end up together. Conner and Blue Stalking, see how fun that is?

NikkiKate said...

This post sounded like something I would do. And I kind of did do. There was a cute boy in my ward that I would run into all the time, on campus and off. It seemed like he was everywhere! But being myself, I avoided talking to him. It got to the point that every time we saw each other we would each made a weird face and keep walking. Awkward. My roommates kept telling me to talk to him but I couldn't bring myself to it. Looking back I wish I had. Maybe something would of happened like Mckenna's parents. who knows! So I say relax and enjoy seeing his smiling face everywhere and his company! If he was worried about stalking he would avoid you.