The chronicles of one, Featherstone McGee

11/25/2011 The Anti-Austen 4 Comments

First off, Happy Black Friday everybody! May you find the deals (and afterward, the sleep) you’re searching for! I’ve never been one for early (3am style) Black Friday shopping. I value my sleep too much. Also, I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings. I spent mine with a friend and her family at a cabin in Sundance. It’s gorgeous up there! Now, on to the good stuff:

My dating life has been very off and on since The Breakup nearly two years ago. There have been a few breakups in my life, but this one is the only one deserving of capital letters. Recently (as in the past several months) I’ve started dating again. The number of women in my life is few, but thanks to the Charmer’s Challenge (also deserving of capital letters) my dating life is beginning to pick up again.

And now, an introduction to the cast! In order of appearance:

Miss Comfortable: Miss Comfortable is one of my best friends and is so named because we have a comfortable (and somewhat flirty) friendship and we’re at ease talking with each other about anything. She’s often the one I go to for advice and vice versa. We met at work years ago and have been friends ever since. Just yesterday I had Thanksgiving dinner with Miss Comfortable and her family at a cabin up at Sundance. She makes a mean pecan pie and loves to shoot.

The Politician: The Politician is another girl that I met at work (apparently a prime place to meet new people if all you do is go to school and work). She really is a great girl. I liked her and she liked me. We have had several good dates, the most memorable being a late night meteor shower/improvised dance party. However, I have recently given up on dates with The Politician because, well, she has flip-flopped between really wanting to date me and not wanting to date at all more times than I can count – the John Kerry of my dating life. The confusion was too frustrating for me and I didn’t like always having to check with Miss Comfortable to see what The Politician’s latest stance was (I’m pro-dating myself).

BrightEyes: While the alias itself may be self-explanatory, I would not be doing it justice unless I tell you that the very first thing I noticed about her was how beautiful her eyes were and how brilliantly they shined. We met for the first time only two weeks ago just before the Murder Mystery Dinner (you’ll have the opportunity to hear more about this from her tomorrow) and had a wonderful evening. She didn’t even get mad at me when I gave one of the actresses bunny ears (in my defense, said actress never noticed). She also managed to single-handedly respark my interest in literature.

Most recently we watched 17 Miracles together in the Varsity Theater of the Wilk. We laughed, we cried (yes, me too), we made little side comments. It really is quite an emotional movie. Afterward, we talked until the employees at the Wilk kicked us out. We bounced around covering topics ranging from pranks we’ve pulled to the hardships of the pioneers. After we left, I walked her home and we stood outside her door and continued to talk. Our conversation was interrupted only by a brief snowball fight (never, and I mean never pull your snow from thorny bushes) and moments spent gazing at the beauty of the lightly falling snow. We finally parted around 1am and I didn’t get to bed until 3 or 4, since I was under the impression that going to bed would mean the end of an amazing night and I wanted to postpone that end as long as possible.

So there you have it. This is, in a nutshell, the dating life of one Featherstone McGee. In the future, I will try to provide you with more detailed accounts that will hopefully strengthen your faith in men (or at least in me).

Oh, and I do have a blind date tonight with my friend’s wife’s friend. “As a missionary, the best investigators came through referrals, [Insert Featherstone’s real name here]. My wife says you’ll like her. Consider this a referral.”

Until next time,

Featherstone McGee

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. You are so sweet.

Emma Karen said...

I agree with Anonymous.

You seem to be a very classy man.

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