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First off, I am thrilled that so many of you decided to enter our little "win a date" contest! I was hoping we'd have eh, maybe 10 girls enter. I thought it'd be cool if we got up to 12 or something.

Well, you far surpassed my expectations.

We had 39 applications.


Apparently quite a few of you thought this was a fun idea. Again, for those of you who didn't get chosen, I hope you don't take it too personally. After all, there were 39 applications and like Featherstone McGee let on, it was an extremely difficult decision. Anyways, if you liked our "dating game," let us know, and maybe it's something we'll do again in the future.

I did, in fact, meet up with Featherstone McGee and his lovely date on Saturday at the murder mystery. It was an extremely enjoyable evening and even though Sir McGee knew who I was the second he saw me (grumble grumble), I still had my fair share of fun. I'm really hoping the lucky winner of said date will write us a little post soon so we can hear allll about it. Also, Featherstone told me "you and Mr. Director look very good together." I was, of course, thrilled.

In other news, November is already half over! I hope you've taken my challenge and asked that person on a date. I've already gotten one WONDERFUL success story which I thought I would share with you...

My dear Charmer,

I am not outgoing. I do not pursue boys. Boys make a move, and I either accept or reject said move. Up until this point, I have been relatively comfortable with my non-boy-chasing philosophy.

But then, I met The Soccer Player.

The Soccer Player is everything a man should be- tall, tan, foreign with an incredibly attractive accent (but a strong command of English as well. That's important). He is also an amazing cook (he makes up his own recipes on the spot), dances superbly, has excellent hair, and his native language is the language I am trying desperately to learn before my study abroad next Fall. Whenever we are trying to decide on an activity, he lets me choose, using the phrase, "as you like" (my sweet Westley, anyone?). And as if he wasn't already full to the brim with swoonable qualities, he takes his religion and duty to God seriously. No, he is not LDS, but he's a smart kid; he'll figure out the Church is true soon enough. And I must confess- I am smitten. I have never been this attracted to a man... ever. Even smoking (very possibly the least attractive thing a man could ever do) looks good on him. But I'd written him off as far too gorgeous and socially adept to ever find me attractive, and I'd resigned myself to admiring from a distance.

And then I read your post. And I took your challenge. And I asked him on a date. And he held my hand. But he asked for permission first.

This man, the kind of man who asks if he can hold your hand, the kind of man and who is, by all accounts, far too cool to even consider me a possible candidate- this man likes me. A lot.

If I had never been inspired by your post and taken your challenge, I very possibly could have spent the next month focusing all my energies on getting over a boy who's obviously too good for me. Instead, I get to date him.

So thank you, Charmer. Stay awesome. I'm sorry I'm not nearly as eloquent as you are, but I had to share.

With love,

Oh, lovely Georgiana, your email filled me to the brim with joy!
If you have any more success stories, send them in! The only thing I like more than hearing about happy people in love is hearing about happy people who I helped to fall in love. Maybe that's incredibly vain of me. But seriously, you will make my day if you send me success stories.

(And making my day would be a wonderful thing since the past few days have been a little on the rough side. Mr. Dir and I have had our first real tussle. Don't worry, we're fine, and it might just be largely due to the fact that I'm a hormonal maniac because it's "that time of the month."But still.)

Oh, and I promise next week I'll have a good story post for you again. I realized haven't shared any ridiculous stories about my dating life recently.

The Charmer

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The Coquette said...

The Charmer, our very own successful Emma Woodhouse. If I wasn't so very Harriet Smith-like, I might have some success of my own.


Angela said...

Love it!
I agree with The Coquette... you sound like Emma. :)

Oh the successes! I'll be honest - being bold rocks. For all the girls out there, I was talking to a few fellow guys about this very topic after the Charmer made the challenge and I was surprised how many of them agreed they really liked it when a girl took some sort of initiative and boldness when interacting with us.

I personally find it extremely appealing. Keep it up guys!

Summer said...

I didn't get to enter because I was really busy that week-and I already had plans for Saturday night. But I would have liked to.

I haven't done anything about the challenge yet. But I intend to try it this week. Wish me luck!

In hopes of alleviating the grumblies, you should know that I started off looking for you in all the wrong places.

My props go to Georgiana, for her success story. :) I'm hoping to hear many success stories in the near future...and hoping to bring one of my own to you as well.

As a side note, Thursday is Food Fest at 5:00 in the Wilk Ballroom. Five dollars can get you and a lady-friend a decent amount of food from different ethnic backgrounds, a fun low-key environment, and plenty of good conversation. Bring a few dollars extra, just in case (this is my disclaimer, so you can't tell your date "Featherstone McGee only said FIVE dollars!"). I can guarantee you that I'll be there, lady-friend of my own or not.

~Featherstone McGee

P.S. Dare you to find me. ;)
P.P.S. Unless your date is also a reader of the blog, I suggest not saying "Featherstone McGee said..." because she'll probably think you're a nut. :D
P.P.P.S. I need to be more careful, I almost left this comment under my real name.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm ethnic food. why must I have work until 8!?!?! :(

Katri said...

Haha. I actually asked two guys this past weekend and both were busy! Lame. But I still consider it a big step :)

Anonymous said...

I promise you that as we speak I am writing up my post about the date...I just can't get it to sound exactly how I want...but I'm trying! Sorry for the delay!

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