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11/01/2011 The Charmer 20 Comments

A few weeks ago, I received a very lovely email from one of our readers...

Dear Miss Charmer,

I just want to thank you for your posts. Much to the aggravation of my roommates, I am "the Charmer" of my apartment. I only found this Anti-Austen blog a week or two ago .. but the few posts I've read by you have really been strengthening. I actually feel really silly writing an email to thank you for sharing your crazy dating life - but here I am doing just that.

My dating life - especially this summer - has been rocky to say the least and really draining. And I don't think my roommates mean to, but I feel worse complaining or having a hard time with something they WISH they could have.

Anyways - it's been really great to read your posts and know of someone else out there in this ridiculous dating pool that is going through something similar. Although I don't wish you any misery - there's something to be said for the strength you can gain knowing of someone else going through the same thing.

So thank you! Best of luck with those enchanted boys.

Getting this email really just made my day! Sure, I love writing about my dating life and making you guys laugh, but I always wonder if the things I write are actually impacting anyone. (I'm one of those people who likes being validated.) Anyways, it really was great to get this email and know that I've helped someone else. It was also nice because, like was mentioned in the email, it's helpful to know that there is someone else going through the same thing.

In other news, Mr. Director and I are doing great. And no, before you ask, I'm not engaged. (I take issue with the whole 2-week engagement thing.)

Isn't it interesting how things work out? I almost didn't go with him to that hockey game. I was irritated when he asked me out and almost turned him down. In fact, he almost didn't ask me out in the first place. (I heard from his home teachers that last month when they visited, the majority of the visit had been dedicated to convincing him to call me up.) I wonder what would my life be like right now if all those "almosts" had actually happened? Well, we probably wouldn't be dating right now. And I'd probably still be going on too many dates every week and I'd probably be just as bored and irritated (but simultaneously entertained) with my dating life as ever. And I would surely be a lot less happy.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I want to extend to you a challenge: pursue that person. Most of us have a "that person"--the person who you think wouldn't ever be interested in you or is "out of your league" or is too popular to pay attention to you. Whatever excuse you've made, I want you to forget least for this month. Today marks the beginning of a new month--a month which will happen to be very magical, given the fact that it contains the day 11/11/11. So for 30 days, I want you to be a little bit bold. Flirt a little more than usual. Smile at Ward Hottie. Ask that girl in your bio class for her number (that's how I met the Ex). And after the 30 days are up, you can stop. You can go back to your usual style of dating and flirting and pursuing. But, until November is over, I want you to humor me.

Who knows, maybe you'll be rejected and you'll lose all faith in The Anti-Austen and you'll become jaded and live out the rest of your days in Periodicals. (Worst case scenario.)
Or maybe you'll end up dating someone who makes you laugh constantly and who brings you chocolate milk at work and who is ticklish under his (or her) chin and who you can totally and completely be yourself with. (My current scenario. Love it.)

So, in lieu of my challenge, if you have any fabulous date ideas for the gentlemen (or for the bold ladies) of this blog, please post them in the comments section!
For easy date ideas, check out the November events calendar! A few that I would recommend:

  • If you and your date are into ballroom dancing, check out the DanceSport Championships on November 11-12. Not as largescale as the competition in the winter semester, but it's still fun to go and watch people compete. Make sure you watch the professionals perform in the evening. (Oh, and you'll probably see Masimo there...hahaha).

  • On November 12 at 2pm, Javier De Los Santos will be performing a classical guitar concert featuring Spanish and South American music. The concert is at the MOA and it's free; so, take your date to the MOA Cafe for lunch and stay for the concert. Fabulous afternoon lunch date (in my opinion). Edit: It has been brought to my attention that the MOA Cafe is closed on Saturdays. I am severely disappointed as my fantastic date idea is now ruined. I guess you can always take her somewhere else to eat first.

  • On November 11 and 12 the BYU Events Management Team is putting on the annual murder mystery up at Spring Haven Lodge. If you've never been, you're missing out on one of the coolest events that BYU puts on during the year. You get dinner and an interactive show where you try and solve the mystery. It's super fun...and if you come on Saturday night, you might even run into me! ;)

  • World Fest Banquet on November 18. You can enjoy fantastic food and learn about other cultures at the same time. Win-win.

  • White Christmas, put on by the Dept. of Theater and Media Arts, starts on November 9 and runs through Dec 3. The shows are Wednesday-Saturday, so you can give your would-be date ample options and be more likely to ensure a yes. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies and I watch it every year. BYU musicals are always fantastic and I'm super excited about this one!

Best wishes,
The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

November 12th is a Saturday, and I don't think the MOA cafe is open on Saturdays. It was my favorite place to eat on campus though!

Anonymous said...

This post made me so happy! I'm so glad that things are going so well with you and Mr. Director...thank you so much for sharing--it's good to know that there are happy endings out there! It gives me hope! haha anyway, that entire post was fantastic. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The majority of dating gossip that I hear about boys comes from their home teachers... hmmm...

Anonymous said... work today it hit me. I think my coworker is massimo and if so...I can totally see him pinning dresses on pintrest. Even if its not him, it sure gave me something to giggle about in staff meeting today haha.

My husband and I were going to go to the mystery dinner on Saturday. Hope there are still tickets. :)

The Charmer said...

Dear Anonymous 1, Oh boo. There goes my perfect date idea. Oh well. I guess you could still take her to the Creamery or something. *sigh*

Anonymous 2, thank you. :) I'm glad to give you hope and make you happy.

Anonymous 3, I wish my home teachers told me boy dating gossip.

Anonymous 4, I sincerely hope that Masimo is your coworker. After all, I adore the kid. I think he's one of those people that everyone needs to experience. And you should be fine getting tickets...they only went on sale yesterday. But I'm pretty sure they usually sell out by the end of this week/early next week so you probably don't want to wait too long. :)

All of you...who knew that Anonymous was such a popular first name?!

The Charmer

The gauntlet has been thrown. I accept your challenge, dear Charmer. And I will start by purchasing tickets to the Murder Mystery.

Now, to find a date.

Anonymous said...

Oh pick me! ;)

Colonel Paisley said...

How can he pick you if you have no name for him to go off of? :)

Fantastic post. I agree with my Featherstone, "the gauntlet has been thrown." And I caught it. With my face.

The Coquette said...

Challenge accepted. Now to find someone that doesn't completely creep me out to be "The Person"....Blast my rotten luck.

Singer said...

Oh I apologize! Yesterday was a long day. I am the anonymous above Colonel Paisley's post.

Heidi said...

That must've hurt, Colonel Paisley :)

Singer! Now I have something to go off of! ;)

I've already narrowed it down to girls who sing. :p

Tickets purchased. May or may not run into The Charmer. It'll be like a game of Who's Who!

Speaking of Who's Who, who's gonna be my date?

Gerogiana said...


I've already offered you a hug, doesn't that mean I might qualify as a date? I used to read Agatha Christie novels in middle school, know. I think I could be pretty good at the whole "murder mystery" thing. :)


Thank you for the post; it filled me with smiles. I often find that some of life's most exciting experiences come as a result of a series of "crazy random happenstances," and I see you have found yourself at the end of one of these chains of "coincidences." I congratulate you. :)

Katherine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Charmer said...

Okay okay. Can we turn this into a game? And sorry, dear Featherstone, if you are bothered by the idea of us playing games with your love life. But if you really don't have anyone in mind for a date, what say you to sending us a sort of "date application" with relevant questions? And then all the interested ladies could "apply" to be your date? And then we would send you all of their applications and you could choose one who you think might be most compatible with you? Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it!

If you don't, that's okay. You are totally allowed to bash my idea.
But I think it would be marvelous.

If you're game, shoot us an email.

The Charmer

I choose to bash your idea... with the Approval Stick. Part of being bold is having fun. :)

I have to work on my car a bit before the weather gets worse, but I'll email you tonight.

My dear Featherstone McGee, if you've narrowed down your pool of potential dates to girls who sing, you just narrowed it down to all of BYU Campus.

Miss Terious said...

Except that "the singer" gave you her information. That would have made it considerably easier to narrow it down to one person. Too bad. She's deleted it now. Is this "having girls audition to be your date" thing still happening?

Emilee said...

Can I accept even though it is the 17th? Tomorrow is my 20th birthday, this is my first time reading Anti-Austen, and I want to be truly daring for the first time since I was probably 17. So December 17th I'll see how this all ended up. Winking kicks off my game plan...

The Charmer said...

Of course you can accept the challenge! It's still November, after all. :)

And besides, I wouldn't mind if you accepted this in December or January or February. I think it could be potentially life-changing ANY time!