A “Mysterious Encounter”: A Guest Post

11/26/2011 The Anti-Austen 2 Comments

Imagine everything that can go wrong before a date—go ahead, just imagine it. Your dress could rip, you could spill perfume all over yourself, you could become violently ill with no warning, you could lose your keys and/or deodorant. Your roommate and FHE brother could get into a ridiculous, loud argument about a small spider on the wall and the various methods that could be used to kill said spider. Your roommates could insist upon creeping right behind the door, waiting anxiously for your date to come pick you up so they can catch a glimpse of him before you do.

Those last two happened to me. In fact, I’m quite sure that Featherstone heard the tail end of the rather loud spider argument. As far as the creepy roommates go, imagine opening a door, and seeing three girls standing right in front of the door, smiling awkwardly and hiding giggles, and then the afore-mentioned arguers peeking from around the corner down the hall. If Featherstone was un-creeped out by this, he is even better than I thought!

Despite the horrible self-consciousness that this inspired in me, I managed to coherently introduce myself and smile as he introduced himself. The introductions consisted mainly of “Well…this is me!” and an answering laugh and “Yeah….this is me!” This awkward-ness, of course, was due to the fact that I had already pretty much poured my soul out over email and I’d read his post here on the blog. But we pushed through! The awkward-ness was quickly dispelled.

We went to get ice cream and to discern the clues given with our tickets. I just have to say—there were so many things to remember! I had no idea how I was going to ever be able to recall the details we needed to solve the mystery…but while we read and ate ice cream, I learned a little bit more about Featherstone McGee.

Five Fun Facts:

1. Featherstone watches Psych! (Yay!)

2. He’s also seen “10 Things I Hate About You” which is a movie I, myself, have never even seen!

3. He’s one of those shy guys—but the kind that tries not to be shy.

4. He has a fantastic smile

5. He is a perfect gentleman. Honest. If any of you ladies are wondering, he held every door open for me, including the car door. He even pulled my chair out as we sat down to get ice cream and to eat, which is difficult for a male to do un-awkwardly. He acted very well, he asked questions about me and listened to the answers (this shouldn’t be, but is rare). In short (though I’ve already taken longer than the rest of the list put together), Featherstone was the perfect picture of gentleman-ness and propriety and friendship.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the night was the back-and-forth game of “I know who you are” played between us and The Charmer. She is, in fact, “quite charming” and was “quite charmed” to meet the two of us. Featherstone was a little disgruntled that she stole his line (he had planned to discover her first and then use the “I’m charmed to meet you” line on her to show her that he knew who she was, but she used it on us first!).

I won’t bore you with all the details of the date—it is MY story to keep for myself, after all. But I will say this: even though we didn’t solve the mystery (correctly, that is), I still had a blast.

Grateful and happy and sorry-to-have-taken-so-long and even-maybe-a-little-bit-“Charmed”,

The Chosen One

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Jori said...

The Chosen One? What a fantastic alias. You are one lucky girl, that's for sure :)

Anonymous said...

"Chosen" indeed! The perfect moniker. Thanks for sharing deets with us peeps!