EFY Update

6/30/2014 The Charmer 1 Comments

Real-time Update on The Charmer's EFY Status:

(It's almost like you're following my Twitter account or something)

  • Nevada and I are NOT co-counselors this week. In fact, despite his initial animated greeting when he saw me at the airport, we've had fairly unexciting interactions. On the bus-ride from the airport I think he might have been going to sit by me but someone else sat down next to me first. So, Nevada ended up spending the drive flirting with another counselor...and she actually did end up being his co this week. So much for that...?
  • Logan got my number tonight. [Okay okay, so it wasn't like he got it to send me flirty texts or anything. It was work-related. Don't get too excited. However...the fact is that he now has my number, just in case he ever does decide to send a not-work-related text]
  • Oh, and did I mention that Logan and I will be spending two hours together every day because we're in charge of musical program together...? [#fate? #divineintervention? guess we'll see]
Love you all!

the charmer

PS- One of the first questions my girls asked me during "Meet Your Counselor" was if there were any of the guy counselors that I thought were cute. I swear, I have gotten the most boy-obsessed teenage girls this summer...

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Anonymous said...

My girls tried to set me up with my co and/or another counselor every week last summer. I'm not sure if it's just a teenage girl thing or if its an EFY thing (probably both) but I concluded that boy-obsessed was to be expected. :)
I feel like almost every efy counselor has a fling of some sort. Most are short-lived (mine was), but I also know several that have turned in to marriage. Either way, you always make lots of great friends along the way. Good luck!