Dating may be the death of me

6/19/2014 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

The week following the FHE fiasco, James and I were in hourly contact and Henry and I had hung out almost every night. By the weekend I was feeling thoroughly smutzy and had stopped eating. Not kidding. I had lost about 10 lbs and my nightly rest was a joke. Every morning I woke up at 3 AM thinking “remember that time you were a terrible person? Yeah, you’re never sleeping again.

I couldn’t help but feel my body was allergic to dating. 

During the week the boys wanted to plan out our dates, but their approaches were entirely different. James would send messages asking me to tell him when I was free and to plan something for us to do. Um…no. Once again, not my job. Henry on the other hand, took me to Barnes and Noble after our dinner on Wednesday so we could scout out abandoned villages we could explore for our date. 

It was like we were in a movie.

On Friday, James and I had decided to go to one of my favorite used bookstores and just wander about. It was great. I mean how can you not enjoy being surrounded by books with a handsome guy in tow? Our date made me realize how much I love that James does ask me so many questions. It's a wonderful feeling to have someone want to know you. And you guys, I can’t resist a fellow book nerd. I just can’t. Especially one as attractive as him *sigh*. 

Saturday morning Henry picked me up for our date which would include exploring and waterfalls. We drove for about two hours and did the whole, what music do you like, bit and we’re basically hipster soul mates. The rest of the day was spent splashing about in the sun.

Just like the previous date, we had a fantastic time with each other. Usually when I’m with a guy I feel the need to fill the awkward silences that tend to pop up, but I can’t remember any point of the date when I wasn’t laughing.

Oh wait, yes I can.

After our little hike I was feeling…not so great. I’m not sure if it was all the exercise, the blaring sun, or the fact I had barely eaten in weeks, but things were going downhill. That feeling quickly progressed to “I’m either going to pass out in this guy’s car or throw up... or both.

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I told Henry I felt a tad deathy and had him pull over at a sketchy nearly abandoned restroom. I then spent forty minutes passed out on the concrete floor of that restroom. Once I was able to stand again, I sheepishly wandered back outside to the car to find Henry there waiting with powerade.

We laughed the rest of the way home, because really what else can you do. Once we got to my house I had to cut the goodbye short so I could run in, throw up powerade, and spend some quality time on my carpet. 

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Other than the vomiting, the date went really well.

At my house I was able to check my phone which contained several messages from James asking how my day was. At this point I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t go into round three with each guy knowing that I would only fall deeper and deeper in like with both of them.

Also, I needed to gain some weight back. I believe my mother put it best when she said “you look terrible.” Oh Moms.

-The Bluestocking

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I'm rooting for Henry!

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Henry! Henry! Henry!