Dating James

6/08/2014 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

I was unusually calm about the date with James. I mean we had after all spent weeks chatting all day via Facebook. Yes Facebook, he had yet to ask for my number. Is that concerning? Anyway, the plan was to go to dinner and he was going to pick the place.

On Friday he asked me if I wanted to just meet him there or have him pick me up. I never knew we had a choice. I decided to drive myself and here’s why, I shouldn’t have to tell a guy he needs to pick me up for a date: that’s not part of my job description.

When I got to the restaurant I couldn’t see him waiting in the front area so I went and sat outside. Couples kept staring at me probably wondering if I was getting stood up. I was wondering that myself. I finally messaged him to find that he was already at a table looking through the menu and sipping water.  

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The conversation throughout the night was…interesting. Every time I asked a question he would give me a vague answer and then ask me a series of probing questions. It was as if he didn’t want to say anything about himself. At first this was fine, but it started to drive me batty.

Me: Why did you choose that major?
James: Why not?
Me: Do you like your job?
James: I don’t hate it.
Me: Do you like movies?
James: Sure.

Maybe he’s just not a chatty person? The only problem with him playing Mr. Cool and Elusive is it put the spotlight on me. So I turned into a one woman show which is one of my least favorite things to do. It results in me doing far too many voices and expressions like this:

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Or this

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Basically I turn into a character Kristen Wigg has played on SNL. After all, who wouldn't want to date this?

Anyways...we ended the night by hugging in front of the restaurant and going our separate ways. If I had to guess what he was feeling I would say he didn’t enjoy himself and he hates my face.  

I didn’t do an after date text because I never do them. Whoops. But an hour later he sent me one telling me he had a great time. Did you?

Did you!

-The Bluestocking

P.S. Can I also mention he looked great, because he did.  I liken him to a CW actor.

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Anonymous said...

If he looks anything like one of those guys above you should marry him.