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6/29/2014 The Charmer 3 Comments

I guess it’s not a true summer of EFY unless you have a little bit of relationship drama.
Mine all started on Tuesday when a 16-year-old started concocting schemes in her head. I didn’t realize at the time just how out-of-control and hilarious these schemes would get.

Like my kids last week, my new batch of teenagers had already started trying “shipping” my co Melbourne and I by Monday night. (I learned a new phrase that’s popular among the 14-18 year old crowd: when someone wants you and another person to hook up, they are “shipping” for you) Funnily enough, it was mainly the boys this time saying things like, “Oooh, Charmer, you and Melbourne danced really well together during orientation. I bet he’d love to dance with you again tomorrow night…”

Now, just FYI, this isn’t another story like last week’s. I loved my co to death, but neither one of us was interested in each other. We were totally both in the friend zone….which was PERFECT. No, things in my love life got interesting when one of my girls Isabelle came to me Tuesday and said, “Charmer, I really like Melbourne, but the two of you just aren’t right for each other. I’ve started making a list of other counselors that I think are a better match.”

This list quickly got narrowed to one counselor in particular: Logan. Now, technically Logan wasn’t a counselor; he was a BC. For those of you unfamiliar with EFY lingo, this means that he was in charge of running a lot of the programs and behind-the-scenes stuff for the week. He was also kind of a “counselor for the counselors” and had a group of male counselors that he was in charge of taking care of during the week. Of course, he just happened to be Melbourne’s BC. When Isabelle first brought up his name, I didn’t think much of it. Yeah, he was super cute, but I honestly hadn’t had him or anyone else on my radar at all mainly because hello, I’d already met the man of my dreams [Nevada] last week.

Well, Isabelle and a couple of my girls ended up being even more relentless than my kids last week. When I told them I didn’t even know how to flirt or talk to boys anymore, they took it upon themselves to help me out. On Wednesday morning we happened to be the last ones to leave breakfast and as we left, they noticed him sitting with another BC in the cafeteria. I was barely out the door when Isabelle grabbed me and said, “We HAVE to go back inside. This is the perfect opportunity for you to catch Logan’s eye.” We’d already left, so I told her no way!, but somehow they managed to convince me to go back under the premise that they had left something behind. So here I am, accompanied by my two 16-yr-old wingmen, strutting past where Logan is sitting to grab an imaginary left-behind phone. And you know what? When I walked by and HE was the one who looked up an initiated a “Hey!” and friendly wave, it felt good. Really good.

And from that point on, I didn’t try to shut down Isabelle’s scheming. I kind of found myself starting to crush on the kid. I didn’t interact with him as much as I did with Nevada last week, but every time we DID have an interaction, I was really impressed with him. Because 16-year-olds aren’t known for keeping secrets, word quickly spread to all of our kids that there was another man on Mom’s radar. Hilarity ensued within our little “family” of kids this week as the girls all started to pull for #TeamLogan while the boys refused to leave #TeamMelbourne. It wasn’t uncommon to hear phrases like, “Mom, [that’s referring to me], what do you even SEE in Logan? He’s not my real dad! Isn’t dad [Melbourne] enough for you?” A personal favorite was when some of the boys started telling Melbourne to ask me on a date and he said, “Guys, I think she’s interested in someone else.” One of the boys said to the others, “It’s okay everyone, Mom and Dad are just going through a rough patch right now.” [You gotta love EFY kids]

But it didn’t end there. I started noticing that Logan actually did seem a little bit interested. He always made the effort to say hi and complimented me a few times during the week. Finally, I started to notice that he would blush every time our company walked by. Of course, my girls noticed it too, and finally Isabelle decided to admit, “Charmer, earlier today I went and found Logan and told him that he should ask you on a date.” Umm….wait a second….you did WHAT?!? No wonder the poor kid had started blushing.  I found out soon after that the blushing wasn’t only due to Isabelle’s relentless schemes. At Friday during lunch, one of the female BCs motions me over and asks, “Hey, so do you think Logan is cute?!” My immediate response was, “Oh my gosh, did my girls talk to you?!” She looked at me, puzzled. Surprisingly, they hadn’t, and apparently the whole BC team had independently decided that Logan and I needed to hook up. So after exchanging a few words with me, I watch helplessly as her and one of the other male BCs walk over to Logan and let him know that he should definitely be considering a date with me. On Friday night, I found out that Logan had been approached separately four different times during the week about going on a date with me by BCs, my girls, our coordinator for the week, and even my co!! They were all in it! The poor kid. I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed for him. I would be lucky if he ever wanted to speak to me again.

Luckily, though this COW story [crush-of-the-week] has a happy ending. On Friday night at the dance he DID in fact ask me to dance during the last slow song (usually there are 1 or 2 dances where the DJ calls a “COUNSELOR DANCE!” and counselors are allowed to dance together.) My girls were speechless with joy and proceeded to snap pictures of us the whole time. Even my co Melbourne was jumping up and down and giving me thumbs-up. I’ve got to admit, I did look pretty happy in the pictures they took.  

Because EFY sessions are only a week, often the end of the session means the end of crushes like this since half the time you won’t work around each other again during the summer. However, as Isabelle and the rest of her crew were excited to discover, Logan and I are working the same session this coming week. It’s a pretty small, intimate session and I wish I could tell you exactly where it is because it’s fan-freakin-tastic. (But hey, I do TRY to maintain my anonymity on this blog)

But here’s the real kicker: guess who else is working the session?

Yup. Time for a little more wildness in my love life.


the charmer

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Anonymous said...

As a fellow EFY counselor, small session and fan-freakin-tastic was all I needed to have a pretty good guess of where you're going next week. But as I don't really want to know who you are (and definitely don't want to give it away), I'll keep it to myself. :)

Bethany said...

As a COW marriage success story from last summer, all I have to say is: go for it. (Full story on my blog if you wanna know)

McGee said...

You always have the best stories, Charmer.