Dating Henry

6/14/2014 The Blue Stocking 3 Comments

After the date with James I was feeling very confused. Here was a guy I could chat with all day via technology, but in person I was banging my head trying to keep the conversation above catatonic.

I spent Saturday worrying about this when my phone lit up with Henry’s name strewn across it. What the devil. I gave myself 3 seconds to calm down so I could answer without sounding like I'd been sucking helium.

Henry apologized for the short notice and asked if I would be interested in going on an adventure with him that night. An adventure so epic I would remember it for years to come…or at least that’s how he described it. I said yes of course and began planning the perfect outfit to go with said adventure. 

That night he picked me up, because he knows better than to have a girl meet him on a date, and we went to a forest filled with lakes. I know this sounds like it’s leading into a horror film setup where I barely escape with my life, but just stick with me because it’s better than that.

We got to the forest and turned into 13-year-olds running about exploring in the dark.  Everything was easy and we went from talking about political issues to our most embarrassing moments. I’d never been more comfortable on a date in my life. I didn’t feel like I needed to put on a show and everything just flowed.

After wandering about for a couple of hours we went and grabbed some froyo or as I like to call it the Mormon night cap. While enjoying my frozen dessert I realized this was quickly turning into a 5 hour date and oddly enough I was dreading the end to such a wonderful night. 

Now was time for the door scene. I hate it. Even the best dates are ruined by an awkward hug or even more awkward: the non-hug. But this time was different, we laughed up to the door step and the hug was quite nice if I do say so myself.

I laid awake Saturday night wondering what my life had become. For the first time in years I had two dates in one weekend. And what’s more, I liked both boys. Bonkers. I’m sure for most girls this was a regular occurrence, but I was not like most girls.

That Sunday I expected to have the traditional awkward after-first-date-interaction with Henry. You know that interaction with the guy you just went out with where you both don't know how the other one is feeling so things are a tad strained and you feel nauseated? Yeah, maybe I'm the only one that feels that way...anyhoo, Henry immediately came up to me when I got to church and said "remember that time we had a fantastic adventure." And I basically swooned.

Gosh I like him. 

-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

Yay! So fun to read about dates gone well!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love hearing about dates that go well. He seems like a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

:) You should date Henry! That's exactly how I felt while I was dating my husband :) Good luck!