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1/03/2013 The Romantic 4 Comments

This question showed up in our inbox a little while ago. Sorry for the delay...
While I was studying for finals a boy came up to me and gave me his number. It was cute and clever; I was wearing a calculator watch and he slipped me this note as I was heading out with a flash of pearly whites and an impish (as if acknowledging how cute and clever he was) "Happy holidays!" I applaud any and all boys confident to approach a stranger. However, as flattering as it is to have a boy give you his number, it poses so many problems. First of all, what the heck am I supposed to do with it? Text him something along the lines of, "Hey!... this is that girl whose number you gave yours to on the fourth floor of the library... at BYU. What's up?"  Yeah no potential for awkward there. Also what if I can't even remember what he looks like?  When this specific boy walked over to me in the library my inner, smarter, self reminded me to pay close attention to what he looked like but I was so flustered that all I remember is dark hair. That's it. Now I have to be cautious not to be overly flirty while texting him because what if he ends up being 5 foot 2?  

I suppose my question for you knowledgeable ladies is:
What is your opinion and what is your course of action when a boy gives you his number, instead of taking yours?
A response from the Romantic:
This is too good not to pass up. Even if he is 5 foot 2. Clever guys that take initiative are a rare commodity these days.  I hope that you already responded, but if you haven't, all hope isn't loss. I think it will only be awkward if you make it awkward. The great thing about texting is that you don't have to be witty on the spot. If it were me, I would say: 
According to my calculations, 704-533-****= the phone number of a pretty cool guy. Sorry it's taken so long to respond...How do you feel about pi? 
And then  after more flirtatious conversation, I would make plans to eat pie with him. But only in a public place, and after finding out his last name (for a subsequent facebook stalking). 
And on guys giving you their number in general, of course text or call him! 
Happy calculating! 
-the Romantic
(like my paint skillz?)

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Haley Dennis said...

So cute! How could you not pass this up?! I always say, "Embrace the awkward!!"

Anonymous said...

"How do you feel about pi?" Haha. Cracked me up.

Katrina said...

I love this! I would totally reply, and I love the creative reply, Romantic.

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! Love Romantic's response too. I hope we get a follow-up. ;)