On Being a Third Wheel

1/17/2013 The Romantic 3 Comments

My best friend's boyfriend just returned from his travels abroad last semester. And within the first week of the semester, my new room mate has a boyfriend. So in a very few short weeks, I've found myself playing third wheel much of the time.

And I've found that I actually like it.

Here's some tips I've found to make the third wheeling experience not only bearable, but also enjoyable.

1) Make friends with the boyfriend. Talk to them, ask them questions. It's so much less awkward than them just standing around while waiting for your room mate.

2) Find a balance. It is good to make friends with the couple, but don't forget that as much as your room mate loves you, she does want to spend time with her boyfriend. So hang out a bit, but then give them some space.

3) Try not to be jealous. I've been home from my mission since March and I haven't dated anyone very much. So my "person" that I tell good/bad/interesting news to is my best friends. As my friends have dated over the years, I've realized that it's ok not to be their top priority any more, especially if the relationship is serious. Their future spouse should be your number one priority. And on the other end of the spectrum, try not to be jealous of the fact that they have someone to date either. Just because it's not your turn, doesn't mean that it won't not be your turn forever (nice use of a double negative there Romantic).

So there's my two cents, or should I say my third cent (ha... ha...) How do you feel about being the third wheel dear readers?

And now here is my favorite Korean music video on third wheels. Please enjoy. Because I know I certainly do every time I watch it.

-the Romantic 

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Anonymous said...

I am going to be a professional third wheel. I'm that good at it.

Kailee said...

I don't mind being a third wheel when the couple isn't super awkward around me. I had a friend once who'd always want me to hang out with her and her boyfriend because she felt bad leaving me home alone and she did still want to hang out with me. So I'd go but then they'd be all over each other and she would ignore me. I totally love hanging out with couples who try to include you and remember that you're a single person haha. Then being a third wheel can actually be really fun.

Anonymous said...

This past summer I spent a lot of time third-wheeling with my roommate and her bf. They always invited me to join and it wasn't awkward. I did have to keep in mind here and there that I needed to let them be if they wanted to talk. But I appreciated it so I wasn't lonely every time they did fun stuff.

I've had other experiences though where I just would rather escape to my bedroom so I think it all depends on the couple.