A New Method

1/24/2013 The Romantic 4 Comments

A joke on Sunday night to tell fortunes for our FHE activity on Monday night turned out to be quite a fun adventure.

And by telling fortunes, I mean we played that card game where you pick out the four kings (or queens if the tell-ee be a man), assign them names of real people. Then ask questions such as, "Which man will be richest?" "Which will like reading Jane Austen books?", and so on and so forth. You get the answer to the question by drawing cards and subsequently placing them on each King. When the suites match, you have your answer.

Surprisingly, the boys were really excited to play that game. So, fifteen minutes before FHE, I decided to also brush up on palm reading. And by brushing up, I mean googling it. Just to spice things up even a little bit more.

Really it was just a ploy to hold hands with every boy in my FHE group.

Guess what?

It worked.

If only I had the gumption to say something like, "Hmmm, this is interesting... Your palm says you're taking me out on a date Friday night. Who knew?"

Next time.

-the Romantic

Pretty clever of me right? 

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's awesome! You totally should have said that ;)

Anonymous said...

Best thing I have ever heard! So brilliant! Let us know how next time goes!

Anonymous said...


I had never played that game until last year (did I skip my childhood? I have no idea where this fortune telling game was all my life!) and it ended up predicting that I would marry the man who was also predicted to be the most likely to kidnap me and keep me in his basement before murdering me. So basically the same as a marriage, right?