A gentleman is as a gentleman does.

1/25/2013 The Lady 3 Comments

Earlier this week, I accompanied my roommate to The Boy Next Door's apartment as she had a necessary errand to run concerning ward business. I went with her for two reasons: 1) It is a truth universally acknowledged that girls travel in packs 2)I was determined to say something to The Boy Next Door. Anything. "I like your flannel shirt." "How do you feel about Jane Austen?" "Would you like to marry me?"

My roommate and I were cordially invited into the apartment where she conducted her business, but not without being sure to ask if the gentlemen gathered there were acquainted with me {everyone should have such a roommate}. Then without missing a beat, The Boy Next Door blurted out, "Oh, I know The Lady!" Then turning to his roommates, "She is from {my home state} and {other small personal facts about myself}." He knew who I was! Not only that, he knew things about me! Things I had never told him myself! Huzzah! I was able to have a short and inconsequential conversation with The Boy Next Door before we left, but it was a conversation nonetheless.

The next day--as fate would have it--my car got a flat tire. Having the luck that I have, I have become quite accustomed to changing tires and therefore never really need any assistance. However, I would have gladly accepted the help of a charming young man {namely The Boy Next Door} if he were to come my way, as I was chilled to the bone. So there I was kneeling in the snow, changing my tire and I heard the voice of The Boy Next Door as he chatted with someone on his way to his car. I did not look up from my position bent over my tire, hoping that he would offer a hand, especially because his car was conveniently parked nose to nose with my own. But no. The Boy Next Door got into his car and drove away without so much as a "hello" let alone an offer to help a girl out with a flat tire. 

Though I am still incredibly irritated by this incident, I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps I looked too capable? Perhaps he was in a hurry? Perhaps he didn't see me {somehow}? Perhaps he doesn't know how to change a tire? 

I should have been out there in a skirt and high heels and tried to look more distressed and helpless. Blast my all-too-capable self!

May there be more gentlemen in your life than there are in mine, 

The Lady

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Anonymous said...

Shoulda asked him to marry you! Skip dating, propose right off! I found myself proposing to 2 guys this week, both refused, but at least I know where we stand? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, will you marry me??? :D

Anonymous said...

Are you asking me?! YES! See...this blog totally works. Who needs dating! ;) Can't believe I am engaged to Anonymous! :D Here is your evidence of success Lady!