"Run mad as often as you like, but do not faint"

1/20/2013 The Blue Stocking 4 Comments

Last week I met a dirt collector; this week I met the ward. Both incidences were interesting to say the least.

I have to admit that before today I had yet to speak to any guys in my ward. Yes I realize I’ve been in the ward for three weeks BUT I may or may not have been skipping out on the Sunday School. I know I know, I’m a terrible person.

Anyhoodidledo, this Sunday I decided to socialize more, or at the very least talk to anyone. I started out by sitting by a guy in sacrament. It was unintentional, BUT it still happened. We probably only talked for a totally of 30 seconds, but he was cute and he smiled at me so of course I started picturing us as the ward’s new hot couple.

In the midst of my crazed thoughts I leaned over and realized he was wearing a badge. Yes ladies and Gentleman out of the hundred or so guys in my ward I ended up sitting by the missionaries. I’m now a creepy failure.

After Sacrament they asked us to stay behind to get callings so I oh-so-awkwardly sat by myself on an empty bench. Then this guy – who probably thinks he’s oober smooth – cozies up to me and slowly slides his arm around my shoulder saying “I’m so glad we get to sit together during marriage prep.” Honestly, I can’t really remember my reply. I do believe it was laced in sarcasm though. He then laughed and left.

Good one.

I was soon joined by another fellow who I believed was also waiting for a calling.  It turns out he already had a calling and was only there because he said I was more entertaining than Sunday School.


The bishop came in and asked who was next and I quickly got up.

And that was a quick recap of my male interactions today. Days like this lead me to believe that 2013 may be focused more on graduating then getting married. 

C'est la vie,

The Bluestocking

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Whenever you're feeling down about your relationship status, watch "Becoming Jane" if you haven't already. It tugs at the heart strings and will hopefully, make you feel a bit better. ps. This is directed towards ALL of you lovely ladies.

Yes, because Becoming Jane fills me with hope. Every time they end up NOT being together, my heart goes "pitter-pat".

Anonymous said...

Snarky snark ;)

Anonymous said...

Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is the best thing I have EVER heard. Thank you Anti-Austen for that fantastic comment. I was thinking the exact same thing.