With insufferable vanity had she believed herself in the secret of everybody's feelings.

11/30/2012 The Lady 8 Comments

I am ever the Emma. Always much too certain that I know whom everyone loves and whom everyone should love. And also much like Emma, I am always wrong. But that never stops me. Oh, no, it does not.

I received a great shock the other day when The Preacher dropped by my apartment to inform me that he had become engaged. ENGAGED! This means that he has managed to find, woo, and convince a woman to marry him in little less than two months. Naturally, I congratulated him on his great accomplishment, but I probably seemed more confused than ecstatic. It is very much like Mr. Elton's returning from London with a wife on his arm. Of course I am happy for The Preacher, he deserves to be happy, and if he has found someone who makes him happy, well then huzzah! But I am just utterly bewildered. Engaged? In less than two months? 

How is this accomplished?

I suppose I haven't been spending my time as wisely as I should. 

Con Amor,
The Lady

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Anonymous said...

It's called meeting the right person ;)

Anonymous said...

I call it stupid. What's the big rush? Even if they are in love and they live happily ever after, it's still not a good choice to get engaged so soon.

A Guy said...

Unless, of course, the world actually DOES end on December 21.

Marigold said...

It's different for everyone. Don't stress it. Follow the Spirit. It'll all work out.

How's that for an overload of one-liner advice?

Anonymous said...

Its called (I hate to use the S word here) sex. Some people just can't wait to get to know each other that well. They need it. And they need it now.

Anonymous said...

I love Marigold! Ha ha.

Has he known her long? I mean if they've been best chums for years then absolutely. Even one year. Shoot, six months I can see. Ah well. REBOUND! ;)

Anonymous said...

Reality check - The 1-year divorce rate in Utah is higher than in Michigan, but if a couple makes it past year 3 they are in it for the long haul. "If you can't be with the one you love, Love the one you're with."

More than anything else, commitment, compassion, communication and a willingness to work through each others weaknesses with a good dose of compassion and forgiveness by both will result in a great marriage with "you" and any number of prospective spouses. So the real goal is to find a person where both of you are willing to love each others strengths and weaknesses for time and all eternity.

One other thing, sex is amazing between a man and a woman lawfully wedded who share the above commitments and is an important part of their relationship. It just needs to be respected within the bounds God has set.

Mr. Bennett

Anonymous said...

Met my husband 5 months before marrying him. Engaged in a little over a week. Both of us had dated extensively, but were only 21. So far it's lasted almost 25 years, five children, and still happily ever after. It was the Holy Ghost witnessing that allowed us to know it was right. Crazy, but true, and everyone has their own path. (sad about the 1 year divorce rate in Utah though!)