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11/01/2012 The Romantic 6 Comments

A thousand heart felt thanks for your words of advice dear readers.Upon much reflection, here's what I think about asking guys out on dates:

If it's not too often, why not? My sophomore year (years before this blog's genesis), my room mates and I were very close indeed. Tired of the weekly routine of watching a movie on a projector every Friday night at our guy friends' apartment, we decided to plan room mate dates. Maybe two or three a semester.

Four of those room mates are married to men that they asked out first. Pretty telling, isn't it? 

I know guys like "the chase" and all that. And I've actually never dated any of the guys I've asked out. But I think it's an enlightening experience for a couple reasons; but mostly for the experience of actually asking someone out. It's completely nerve wracking! I always forget how difficult it is. My heart is just so full of empathy for every man that's ever asked any girl to do anything ever. It's a rough and tumble dating world out there.

It took me a good hour to work up the nerve to call Dante (he won over FHE dad) last night. That's an entire hour of sweaty palms, a racing heart, and me pacing from my bedroom to the living room and back again.

I even called my favorite mission companion to role play it with me. I ROLE PLAYED A PHONE CALL PEOPLE! Nervous doesn't even begin to describe my crazed emotions.

After creeper-ing his number off of (how else was I gonna do this?), I let the logical side of my brain take over. What was the worst that could happen?

Worst case scenario: He thinks I'm a total weirdie/creeper-pants (I just made that up, like it?). Says no. And avoids me at church.... or just moves out of the ward altogether because he thinks I might be stalking him/have a shrine built to him in my basement.
Ok, so not desirable but survivable.

More likely worst case scenario: He is busy and can't come. And even if he's just lying, I'll be left in ignorant bliss.

Or he says yes. eeeeeekkkk!

After mulling over each possible outcome, I finally dialed.

I explained that I had a friend that really wanted to go out with this boy, but she didn't want to just ask him out. So she asked me to double with her. And then I asked if he would go with me.

And he said yes. And he said it enthusiastically. I don't know which fact took me by surprise more(because he's just sooo cool, I figured he would be busy already). 

All of my friends that have heard this story have offered exclamations of pride and congratulations. And I have to admit, I'm a little proud of myself too. If its in my power to not sit at home this Friday night and watch Korean soap operas, then I should shake things up a bit! Social conventions be danged! I am a proud, single, independent woman of Provo!


Ok, so maybe I'm getting a little too suffragette on myself, and I digress. The point is, I'm excited. And nervous. And going in with the expectation to just have a good time. And that's why I think it's ok to ask guys out sometimes.

-the Romantic 

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David said...

As a male, I find it attractive when a girl asks me out. I get a little boost of self-esteem and am honored. Sure, perhaps I discover that I'm not really that interested in her, it's still the thought that counts.

It takes guts to call someone up and ask them on a date, just as you discovered! Not everyone has that much latent confidence. Even if one has interacted before.

Perhaps Dante lacked the courage to talk to you on Sunday in fear of being too forward [a common worry for me]. This might explain why he so enthusiastically accepted your invitation - he appreciates your reciprocation.

All in all, because I lack brevity, I congratulate you on this success, my friend! I hope Dante works out.

Miranda said...

Yay for you!

But there's totally nothing wrong with having a City Hunter marathon and falling in love with Lee Minho next Friday night.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Good work hot mama! I hope you have a great time :)

Sarah said...

Excellent. I congratulate your bravery. Asking a guy out is entirely nerve wracking. I have such respect for the men folk.

Anonymous said...

Why does admitting to yourself that you're a proud, single, independent woman make you condemn yourself as being a suffragette? Why is being a suffragette a condensation? All these women were trying to accomplished was to say that women are equals with men. Different yes, but equally intelligent, capable, and mature human beings. Without suffragettes you wouldn't be able to vote. It would be considered a hazard for you to be able to drive. You wouldn't be accepted into most colleges. Pay these women some respect, girl.
And there's my soap box. Carry on.

A Guy said...

I admire your soap box, but I have to admit I was distracted by its condensation. I laughed. But I agree with you.