The World's Shortest DTR

11/21/2012 The Closer 4 Comments

Big weekend folks.

Mr. Manager came over on Sunday for dinner. We ate and chatted for an hour or so, and after we finished eating he was showing me a cut on his finger, so I went upstairs to get some ointment for it. When I came downstairs he had moved over to the living room and was sitting on the couch, so I went and sat by him.

We got his cut all bandaged back up and then he just put his arm around me, no shyness, just went for it. I leaned onto his shoulder and just kept talking with him, and was still fiddling with the ointment because I was so nervous. Meanwhile he listened intently to my stories and rubbed my arm. After a while of that he asked to see the ointment, and ended up setting it on the other side of him, and then taking my hand with his free hand.

At this point things started to open up in the conversation, he told me how much he likes me, and we started to talk about the various times we considered dating the other and never did anything about it. Apparently for a long time, he was convinced there was no way I would ever date him. As it turns out, we've both been fighting the same feelings for a while now. It wasn't long after this that we kissed, and it was fabulous.

Now Mr. Manager has never struck me as the romantic type... but as it turns out, he is sweet, and tender, and affectionate. And now that the walls are down, he is like a whole different guy, in all the best ways.

One of the times that he kissed me on Sunday, because yes, there were several, he paused and said "Just so you know, this means we're dating exclusively".

I woke up smiling the next day, and haven't really stopped smiling all week.

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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A Guy said...

Yeaaaaaaaahhhh! Congrats to you!

I like to think that someone will find me the romantic type when the walls are down.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Mr. Manager! And you, of course, but that takes some serious guts!

Congrats! :)

Summer said...

I'm so happy for you!!! That's so cute :) I'm glad everything's working out so well!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute story!! I am giddy with happiness.