Will a snail's pace win the race?

11/14/2012 The Closer 2 Comments

I hope everyone is trying their very best to enjoy our quick step into Winter. Can I just say that getting to wear boots has almost made the snow worth it?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been on several dates with The Crooner, Tacoma, a new guy named Leonardo, and Mr. Manager. At first going on all of these dates was incredibly fun, but this last weekend I decided that it’s getting exhausting. Here’s where things are at with these fine suitors…

The Crooner- Very interesting guy, great conversationalist, very smart, but turns out we have very different views on a variety of important things. He took me out to dinner about a week and I decided that I was no longer interested in dating him.

Tacoma- He is so fun. I have had a fantastic time on almost every date, once he shows up that is. He has been a collective two and a half hours late for our total of four dates. This last date I decided that as fun as he is, there is not any depth there for me, he’s just easy to laugh with. This past Saturday I decided that I was no longer interested in dating him.

Leonardo- This one is charming, my goodness, and enthralled with me. More than once now he has proclaimed that I am the coolest girl he has taken out in months, maybe ever. This would ordinarily be flattering, but he has never really tried to get to know me. Very few questions of any depth, or rather, very few of any kind. On our second date, also this last Saturday, I decided that I am no longer interested in dating him.

Now onto the last one…

Mr. Manager- He is by far the slowest mover of them all. Our first date was around the end of September, and we went on our fourth/fifth date this last weekend (it’s hard to tell which date we’re on because there have been several not-so-datey-dates in between).

Everything was going great from my last post, when we had only gone on two dates. Our third date, was not great. I was really worried that he might try and hold my hand or something, and trying to decide what that might mean and if I was ready for it (Really? C’mon Closer, stop stressing about a hand hold). He must have picked up on my lack of good vibes because no date that next weekend. Then at church I saw him get a new girl’s phone number, and that stung. I wasn’t sure how much I liked him after our choppy third date, but that stung too much for me to keep pretending I did not have feelings for him. I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and put myself out there, I asked him if we could go for a drive.

A couple days later we go for a drive, end up walking around at the Riverwoods and then talking in his truck. I took a good hour before I got up the nerve to tell him, but I told him that I liked him, and didn’t know if those feelings were reciprocated, and to what extent. This led into another hour or two of really great conversation. Both of us expressing our feelings, our hesitations, our hopes. He said that he wanted to keep taking me out, I told him okay but that I was dating other guys, and he should know that (this was before this last week of man-slaying).

He told me at one point that I am easily one of the most amazing women that he knows, and when that comes from a Mr. Manager instead of a Leonardo, it kind of makes my heart sing.

I met some of his family this weekend, and he’s been calling me mid-week to chat, and I’m cooking dinner for him this weekend. He love the way I feel around him. I am happy.

A week ago I would not have wanted to date him exclusively. But today, I most definitely do.

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Camille said...

OH, go for Mr. Manager! Obvious choice from Objective Third Party With No Personal Interest Or Anything To Gain From The Matter standpoint :)

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, Closer. I am currently going on dates with this guy (9 official dates in the past month) and I am still confused by it. If I had as many guts as you do, I would follow your example and ask him about it. But I don't.

Please go for Mr. Manager! He really does sound perfect by how you describe him. Maybe the wait is worth your time! (Hopefully.)