Of Zodiac Signs and Tickling

11/24/2012 The Romantic 3 Comments

Oh, where to start dear readers?

I'm still trying to figure out how a night that begin with such hope ended so dismally.

I think it may have started Wednesday night when Pacha texted me to confirm our date for the next day. There was nothing wrong with the way he texted me, or anything he said. It was just lacking in... a certain quick wit.

And yet I was still so hopeful for Wednesday night. Even after he texted to say he got caught up at work and that he'd be late, I was still hopeful.

I think it was after I opened the door Wednesday night to see Pacha wearing a sweatshirt that my heart fell a little. He confessed later that it was the only BYU apparel he had. But a little effort is always nice. Amirite?

Things got worse after we got into the car.

"So, where do you want to eat tonight?" he asked.

I swear, the next time a guy asks me that, I'm saying Tucano's. Or better yet, Chef's Table.

Here's why it's wrong to ask a girl that question guys: You are paying. We don't know what your budget is, or how much you want to spend on a date. Also, it shows a lack of planning. I get your trying to be nice. I do. But just show some initiative! 

After a few minutes of dancing around the topic he finally asked if we could go out for Asian food. I said yes, secretly hoping that we would be eating Korean food, and not Chinese. Chinese food always makes me sick. It's too greasy for my stomach to handle. Any other Asian food would have been better.

I was trying to cut the poor kid some slack. He was obviously nervous to be with me; as evidenced by his coming to a complete stop at a green light on the way to the restaurant.

When we walked into the restaurant I knew the rest of the night was doomed. It was a Chinese place. It was THE Chinese place that my favorite mission companion had told me was the location for one of her worst dates ever. Every bad date to get Chinese food happens at this place. Before we ordered, we read the zodiac place mats.

"So, what are you?" he asked.

"I'm a cobra," I answered. We glanced down to read the description. It mentioned something about unparalleled beauty. 

"Well, they got that part right," Pacha said.

Oh barf. He was already skating on thin ice after he'd put his hand on my thigh in the car. That comment had thinned it out even more.

The plan after dinner was to meet up with a group of people (including his brother who is in our ward) and go to the basketball game.

And here we see more lack of planning. The brothers didn't ask anyone else along. So guess who ended up on a weird plyg-date to the basketball game?

Yes. That's right. This girl. 

I wanted to talk to Pacha's brother to make it less awkward. But he was sitting on the other side of Pacha and my slightly deaf ears couldn't make out anything he said over the "roar of the cougars". That combined with the knots my stomach was in from the Chinese food made me less than chatty.

Right before Pacha's brother left ten minutes before the end of the game, they engaged in a little horse play by poking and tickling each other, as brothers are often wont to do. So, that wasn't the weird part for me. The weird part was when Pacha turned and asked me if I was ticklish as soon as he brother started walking down the Marriot Center steps.

"No," I said.

And then before I could even digest what was happening, HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tried so hard not to physically shrink from his touch. But inwardly I panicked. My body just froze. The amount of physical interaction I've had with men since I've been home from my mission has been a big fat ZERO. What to do? I had thought he might try and put the moves on me, but I didn't prepare for what my reaction would be if actually happened.

"Are you sure you're not ticklish?" he flirted.

"Nope, not at all. Why? Are you going to try something right now?" I tried not to be too cold as I said that.

He gingerly pulled his arm away.

The game ended. The cougars killed it. Pacha, however, did not.

When he dropped me off, he got out of the car to give me a hug. But he didn't walk me to the door. I'm still confused about that one. But oh well.

Eternally single, but eternally yours,
the Romantic 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not catching the ambiance of the date, or maybe you left out some other stuff...but that doesn't sound like a bad date to me. I don't see what's wrong with a sweatshirt, especially if it was the only BYU attire that he had and you knew the date would include going to a BYU game. If you want a metrosexual guy who's obsessed with his appearance and that's really important to you, then don't go on any dates with anyone who doesn't appear metrosexual. If you didn't want Chinese food you should have just said so. I'm sure he didn't want to pay for you to eat something you detested; though, if you believe he maliciously brought you there...then definitely do not go on any more dates with him...because he's possibly a really weird sociopath. Can't believe he said you were beautiful. What. A. Jerk. He also probably could not control whether his brother had a date or not, but you should definitely hold it against him. He most likely didn't walk you to your door because he felt the "Don't touch me, don't say I'm beautiful, I hate the Chinese food that you kindly paid for me to eat, and I can't believe you wore a sloppy sweatshirt, ohmygosh get your arm off me" vibes coming off of you. You sound like a really nice girl, but this post makes you come off rather mean. Give guys a break. They ask you out, they pay for you, they plan it (even if it isn't perfectly planned), and they are trying. If you don't like his personality because you don't think it meshes with yours, that's fine, but don't blame the guy. Good luck in your future dating endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Date etiquette says that if someone suggests a type of food you aren't allergic to, you should agree to eating it even if you don't like it.

Being told that you look great on a first date is excellent. Being told that you have unparalleled beauty is weird.

Social awkwardness, from whatever source, is a turn-off on a date. It's nobody's fault, it's just a fact.

I don't think the Romantic was making a huge deal about any one of those things. All of them together made for a disappointing experience.

Hahaha I love the format of this blog. I am a UVU student, and my stories are from the other viewpoint, and perhaps a little more tawdry in nature, but you should check out my dating anecdotes http://billymoney.blogspot.com/