Had Elizabeth been able to encounter his eye.

11/17/2012 The Lady 2 Comments

Characters in Jane Austen novels never touch. EVER. In the end when the characters finally get married, there is never a description of a kiss or an embrace, only a touch of the hand (if we're lucky). But there does seem to be a lot of love-darting eyes. Apparently, this was the way to let your fellow know that he was the one for you. Telling someone you loved them was simply a matter of giving the right look.

Do you think they teach that in a finishing school or perhaps is there a class on campus? 

On the off days of The Clive Cycle, I attempt to be interested in some of the boys in my ward. It is difficult work. One in particular (The Boy Next Door) is the cause of much grief. Our apartment is good friends with his apartment so in a normal week I see him every three days or so, but I have yet to say more than three words to the man. Those words being "Hello," and "Thank you." On Sunday, he went out of his way to tell me that he loved my hair (one of the greatest compliments I can ever receive) and then he later asked my roommate what my name was (I have an easily forgettable name). Men don't do things like that on a regular basis (or so my roommates say). So if only I were able to encounter his eye, I would (somehow?) tell him with mine that he should go ahead and ask me out. Unfortunately, since Sunday he has avoided eye contact with me in the strangest of ways. (It may have something to do with the fact that I inadvertently yelled at him as I was coming into my kitchen when I thought he was my roommate [you had to be there]). 

Somewhere along the line of the past three years, I've lost my nerve. Me. The Coquette. I have not been able to talk to him even though I see him regularly, and now I'm even trying to avoid him just to escape the horrible pressure I feel to actually do something about it all. If I get the chance, I'll practice my eye-work tomorrow at church. 

Con Amor,
The Lady

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Anonymous said...

Were you successful?

Fashion said...

Good luck with the eye contact! I think it will all come back to you Lady. PS I saw this gem, and thought, well isn't this perfect for the Anti-Austen blog!