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12/03/2012 The Blue Stocking 5 Comments

Since the TA and I broke up, things have remained relatively normal (ok it's awful) and that all changed last week. On Thursday, our office thought if would be a real hoot if we decided to move a couple of people around. That resulted in me sitting within one yard of the TA instead of down the hall. YAY. The best part is that neither one of us knows how to handle it. Now we see each other every day and we've fallen into this pattern of casual flirting without ever really talking.

Are you supposed to flirt with your ex?

On to other news: I have been following these video blogs for some time and I just think they are perfect for the Jane lover in all of us. They post new episodes twice a week and they're only like 4 minutes so it's an ideal length of time for a study break. Sure they're on episode 69, but don't let that stop you. It'll be a well-deserved procrastination hiatus from finals.


-The Bluestocking

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Melissa said...

Love these. Addicted. And the girl who plays Lydia went to my high school.

Ashley said...

I feel like it’s completely normal to flirt with your ex because that’s the only way you know how to talk to him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're still flirting with him because there's still something between you guys.

anna said...

Such a fan of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I've been watching since the beginning and have been so impressed with what Hank Green, Bernie Su, and all the writers and actors have done w/ the adaptation.

And as far as flirting with an ex goes, it's inevitable to some degree. Even though stuff didn't work out, you still have a connection that isn't easily broken.

I thank you for this link. My grades don't since I'm obsessed now, but seriously--this series is great!!