Perks of Staying in Provo

11/21/2012 The Romantic 2 Comments

A summary of conversations taking place during my ward's "much&mingle" last Sunday:

RS secretary approaches the group of girls I'm sitting with...

RS secretary: Are you guys going to the girl's choice stake dance?

Blank stares by our group... 

RS secretary: Here's all the reasons you should go.... (as she started on the list of reasons why the stake dance was going to be "super fun" I stopped listening. It was like she morphed into the teacher on Charlie Brown. You've all had moments like this, yes?) 

 And then I saw a golden opportunity. 

Pacha, just standing there alone. 

Pacha and I have been in the same ward all semester. For the most part, our conversations haven't moved past general pleasantries. In fact, the Emma side of my personality has been trying to convince one of my best friends to date him. My encouragement to her on his behalf always fell on deaf ears. 

Which is pretty fortunate for me I suppose.

After Pacha's talk this last Sunday, something suddenly shifted.  Forget my friend, I decided that I should get to know Pacha better. 

Thus when the golden opportunity presented itself, I couldn't resist. I had to at least talk to him(something I don't do very often with men anymore). 

Me: Hey Pacha (I even touched his elbow here, you'd be so proud dear readers), I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated your talk today. It was really good.

Pacha: Hey thanks. And I just wanted to tell you that your blog post (from my personal blog, don't worry) from this week meant a lot to me. I was having a rough day and it really picked me up.

Me: Yeah, of course! I almost didn't post it, so.... (I'm so eloquent sometimes) Anyway, you're just really great, so I'm glad it helped.

Pacha: You're really great too.... Can I get a hug?

Me: Uh yeah.... for sure.

We then proceeded to "hug it out" as you young people say. I promise it wasn't as awkward as this blog post makes it seem. 

Me: Hey, we should hang out sometime (my whole goal in going up to talk to him in the first place)!

Pacha: Actually, what are you doing on Wednesday? Will you be in town?

Me: Yeah, I'm sticking around.

He then got my number, and plans were made. Dinner and the basketball game. I only wish I had some sort of BYU apparel. What does one wear to a basketball game!?

Not to discount Mr. Lowe, because I do think he was somewhat interested in me, but I feel like this is my first real date since I've been home from the mission. Real date meaning a guy has asked me out based purely on his interest in me. No scheming on my part (or my stake president's). This is just because he thinks I'm great. And I can't help but be a little bit excited about that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-the Romantic

ps. Here's my new favorite song. Just because. 

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Fashion said...

Can't wait to hear the details! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! I AM so proud of your elbow-touching. Way to go! Can't wait to hear the details. You neeeed some BYU apparel for the game. DI trip? :)