How do you feel about...? (and I need an answer here quick folks!)

10/31/2012 The Romantic 9 Comments

SO, just to give a little bit more info about last Friday night:

Dante (thus shall my ward date night companion be called) and I had a great time on Friday. Or so I thought. He walked me home from the date, came inside to see my cute little apartment. He even gave me a hug goodbye. As per usual, I said something a little awkward at the door step.... But overall I give myself a 7.5 on the dating scale. It was a pretty good date.

But then he didn't talk to me at church on Sunday. Or come to my Sunday School lesson. But, I'm trying to to give into my female sensibilities and read into this too much.

Anywho, owing to the lack of male companionship in my current social life, a friend and I have decided to take things into our own hands!

That is right, we have decided to ask some guys out this weekend for a little double date.

Alright readers. Give it to me. How do you feel about girl's asking guys out? 

But the more important question might be, who do I ask? My FHE dad (who would probably really like the activity we're planning) or Dante (who I might have a more enjoyable time with)....

Decisions, decisions.

(Also I should mention that I don't have either of their phone numbers. And my friend is following up with me later tonight to make sure I don't chicken out)

-the Romantic

Just as long as I don't resort to this, we're good right? 

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Katri Hakes said...

I think asking guys out is good when it's a double. Then you can always blame your roommate/friend :)

Betsy said...

Do it! We do apartment dates all the time, and it's just casual fun. If something more comes of it, great. And if not, it was just one group date.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is OK to ask. As to who flip a coin. Don't look at it but whoever you hope it is go with them. Even more adventurous would be to ask two random "cute" or interesting guys from another ward. It's BYU for heaven's sake so how bad could it be. Not much worse then your current crop and even if its bad you'll have a great story for us :-D

Mr. Bennett

Sarah said...

Asking guys on dates is totally kosher. My advice would be to go by the law of reciprocation though. Ask Dante on this date since he made a sort of first move and walked you home and such. Thus you will be reciprocating. If he doesn't make any moves after that (e.g. asking you out, getting your phone number and texting you, scheduling some sort of something, anything) then you know that he's not interested in you, and you can focus your energies elsewhere (with the knowledge that you made enough moves to show him you're somewhat interested). No regrets. Voila.

flutefairy said...

I have done a lot of asking guys out in my day, and I find it extremely counter-productive. You should read this book (He's just not that into you)

It absolutely changed my life. (although I did skip of the few chapters I felt didn't pertain to my mormon life) Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I may be the only one who thinks this, but I think it's a little weird to ask a guy out on a date. It's something, I personally, would never do. I feel like that's something that they need to do. Call me old fashion... but that's how I feel. Maybe since you go to BYU it happens more often there. I feel it scares guys off. But who knows...I'm not a guy.

Anonymous said...

I think asking a guy out is a huge no-no. Why on earth would you want to date a guy who doesn't like you enough to ask you out? There are plenty of other ways to encourage him to get asking. Don't steal the pants from him. Unless he is suuuuuper shy, like debilitating shy.

A Guy said...

To the last anonymous, I find it absolutely absurd that there's a "Like quota" one must reach before a guy asks a girl on a date.

Many guys don't ask girls on dates because they [i]like[/i] them; they ask them on dates because they're at least minutely interested in getting to know them better. And there's always the possibility that the guy hasn't realized that he's interested in you or that he likes you or even that you even exist.

Then again, you did say there are "plenty of other ways" to encourage him to get asking. I just hope you actually try these other ways. Because why on earth would I want to date a girl who doesn't like me enough to drop hints?

Heidi said...

That said, "A Guy" and the last anonymous, please lets recognize that some people, both guys and girls, just have a hard time talking to/connecting with members of the opposite sex, let alone dropping hints that they like them, flirting, or asking them out, and that it doesn't always have anything to do with how much you like them. There are all different kinds of people in the world and every single one of us do have feelings, just like anybody else. Everybody just has their own way of doing things. So please recognize that some people may not have a problem making a move like flirting or asking out, and others just may need more time to figure it out or work up the confidence. Please don't criticize or disregard those who simply operate differently than how you expect them to.