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10/25/2012 The Closer 1 Comments

Oh, well, hello readers. If my text-based-voice sounds soothed and refreshed, that would be due to my recent completion of a two week long European vacation with Rex and company. And I am pleased to report that my fears were not realized, I am stronger than I previously supposed, and did not enjoy anything but friendship with Rex over those two weeks. Let's go ahead and take a moment to give me a gold star. 

*Accepts it graciously.

Europe was incredible, but this is not a travel blog, this is a dating blog! So onward we go.

Before my trip, the last time I posted, I had gone on one date with both The Crooner, and Mr. Manager. I have now gone on two dates with both of them, and have plans for a third date with Mr. Manager this weekend, and a phone full of texts from The Crooner. Oh, and I also have a second date this weekend with Tacoma (yes, he's new). 

There must be something in the water lately because I'm not typically this irresistible to the opposite sex. Even I am jealous of my life, and I'm the one living it.

Alright, so how about if I just tell you more details about one of these gentlemen? I’ll pick Mr. Manager, because he’s the one I am most excited to have more to tell about.

Mr. Manager and I went on our first date, and I wasn’t sure what would come of it. Maybe it was going to be another experience like with Mijo, where he took me out once and then we decided friends was best. Maybe he likes me a little, maybe a lot. I didn’t know, and was asking myself lots of these questions. I decided that I would say yes to a second date if he asked, and that was that.

Then he did ask, for that very next weekend. (I will also add that Mr. Manager is notoriously terrible at diligent pursuit of a lady, so this was a noteworthy time frame).

Date number two was not quite as great as the first. I found myself mid-date thinking “This is just okay…”, but by the end of the date on our drive home we had fallen into great conversation and I remember then thinking to myself “I don’t want this drive to end.”

That was a Friday. That following Sunday I saw him at a small ward get together, and we talked for two hours there. The next night I had asked him for a blessing before I left on my trip, and he came over for that, and we talked for three hours before he left. The next night we were supposed to go with a small group to the temple, and everyone cancelled but he and I. We lingered longer there in the temple for an extra hour or so.

You would think by this time I would be beside myself with giddiness. Well, that’s what I would expect of myself. I don’t feel any of those rollercoaster feelings that I have with other men I have dated as of late. I feel calm, and happy, and very even. Every now and then I still get little jolts of excitement that force a smile onto my face. It is lovely. I feel healthy, and if things ended today I would be fine, and if things continued tomorrow I would be happy.

I have been home from Europe for a week now, and he wasn't exactly beating the door down to see me when I got back. Mr. Manager still has a thing or two to learn about how wooing a woman will not always mesh perfectly with schedule and practicality.

As of right now, nothing has been verbalized in the arena of what we will call “feelings” between us. Should I venture to explore a conversation like that? Or is that better left to occur in a way that has not been forced?

Yours Truly, 

The Closer

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