Ward Date Night

10/18/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

If anticipation could kill a person, I'd probably be dead by now. Tomorrow is our first big ward date night. And our little date night committee has supposedly been working on pairing people up all week. But we have yet to find out who are dates will be.

And it is just killing me. I think I mentioned what my hopes were in my last post. Somehow I made the mistake of letting it slip to my visiting teachers earlier this week that I thought my FHE dad was cute. It seems I can't even be relied with my own secrets. I feel like such a Beehive these days, or maybe a Mia Maid if I'm going to be a little lenient with myself.

But I digress. My visiting teachers said they would try and get me "the hook-up" as they have connections on the ward dating committee. So maybe my hopes will bear fruit tomorrow night.

We'll see.

-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! I hope it turns out wonderfully :)