Fall Date Ideas Part II

10/04/2012 The Romantic 3 Comments

Itching to get out of Provo yet?

I have the perfect fall date idea for you!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Salt Lake to celebrate my birthday with some friends. And we stumbled across a little exhibit in the Church History Museum where I would love to be taken on a date.

So, it's an exhibit for children... I think that made it more fun in the end.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part. It's FREE.

Have fun kids.

-the Romantic 

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Jessica said...

So that exhibit is actually in the Church History *Museum, not the library. If you go to the Church History LIBRARY looking for a fun children's exhibit, you'll be pretty disappointed because the extent of their exhibition right now is a temporary exhibit (called "Treasures of the Collection) centered around past Church Historians (which is, of course, interesting, but probably not what you're looking for if you want a fun date- sorry, I work there, I had to make the correction).

Another reason to go to the Church History MUSEUM right now- their exhibit of works from the ninth International Art Competition is in its final weeks. As you would expect, there is a wide range of works, from the "WTF?!" to the truly divine to the crazy talented. Also, inexplicably, a number of REALLY sparkly quilts. And probably the coolest hand-made grandfather-style clock you will ever see. Give it a visit :)

And I second the recommendation of the children's exhibit- a great exhibit that's fit for all ages!

The Romantic said...

Thanks for the correction! It was a total typo. I meant the museum. It's correct now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool I just let my son know about this as he will be in the area for General Conference tomorrow.

Mr. Bennett