Lessons in the Art of Coquettery

10/11/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

Due to the lack of men in my life right now, I was planning to do a series of fall date ideas. But after two ideas, I've run out of steam.

After the Mr. Lowe debacle, there's been nothing of consequence to write about. Not only do the graces of providence seem to be withholding romantic relationships from my life these days, but any relationships with any men at all seem utterly and completely absent. And just when I seem to be getting over my post-mission awkward stage as well... a pity indeed.

Much to the surprise of my friends, my interest has been piqued by my FHE dad. He's not really the artisty/hipster I've been known to go for in the past. He's also not the super cool Asian that seems to be my type these days either. He's a nerdy, motorcycle riding, engineer studying, skinny white kid.  And while I've told my friends that I'm only intrigued by him as of yet, they've insisted on giving me advice in order to woo him.

"Invite him over!" "Ask for a ride on his motorcycle!" and my favorite "Just go over to his house and sit on his couch!" Because that wouldn't be weird.

So far, I've added him on facebook. My mind has been too wrapped up in midterms for any other advances.

Secretly I hope that the ward dating committee will set us up for the ward date night in a couple weeks. (I just need to mention here how I excited I am that this is an actual calling in my ward and how if I wasn't already a sunday school teacher, that would be my dream calling) Maybe I can put a plug in with the ward date night specialist?

Good luck with midterms dear readers. I'll be thinking of you in the testing center lines.

-the Romantic
There's just something about a man and a motorbike... or vespa if you want to get technical.

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Anonymous said...

That awkward moment when you realize that the description of the guy given in the post fits your roommate to a "T".