The Three Point Rule

7/08/2012 The Blue Stocking 6 Comments

I  hate when people say that dating is all a game. I just hate that we've turned love into this pathetic power struggle and the winner wins what exactly? Someone that they had to trick into liking them?

But then I got to BYU and I discovered that knowing the rules to the game is just as essential to playing the game. Knowing the game doesn't mean you have to become this conniving vixen bent on destroying any girl who stands between her and a Friday night date with the ward crush. Instead, knowing the game will save you from feeling foolish, overeating, and turning your tear-ducts into the Sahara desert.

A guy friend showed me this little gem last week, and I can't help but feel there is a lot of truth to it.

So what do you think of the three point rule?

-The Blue Stocking

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Zack Oates said...

Well personally....i agree.

(super honored make it on the blog. my friend just showed me!)

Haley Dennis said...

I think we have a guest post coming on! ^ haha

jenerator said...

Oh how I adore Zach and his closet. Were I single, I would date him in a heartbeat.

flutefairy said...

I love the 3 point rule, except, since I am a girl I usually use the 2 point rule, since I'm not suppose to peruse anyways. I use it with my friends too ... lol, so I don't feel so I know I'm not being annoying.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I think I might even agree with it. test it out and if you find to are at 6 OR Heaven forbid 60 you can move on with a clear conscience. I would put a 8-24 hour rule in there since 10 texts in 10 minutes don't count.

I find it interesting how strong the Leming or flavor of the moment mentality can be with both groups that just messes everyone up.

Let's face it I think what causes the most issues it that people think there might be someone just a little better so they just don't let themselves fall for some one that they are comfortable with.

Sound advice was find that person who you can easily talk with and will be happy working together in ways that both feel content, and most importantly know that they are going to do about 10 things that drive you crazy and you'll accept that and will work through it together.

Lauren said...

Love it. Zach cracks me up.