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7/10/2012 The Charmer 5 Comments

After a two-week hiatus, I'm BACK with a bit of exciting news.

As you know, I've been expecting one of those big white envelopes from Salt Lake! I was hoping it would show up before I left Provo, but it didn't. Bummer. So I headed out of state to do a couple sessions of EFY and figured I'd just wait to open it until I got back to Provo.

My family had other plans, however, and since my EFY sessions were in my home state, the fam really wanted my call forwarded up so that they could be there when I opened it. I figured this was probably a better idea, seeing as I'm the oldest child and so this was kind of a big deal for my parents.

So, Wednesday (mission call day!) arrives and I ask Mr. Director to check my mailbox. He goes to my house, but all of my roommates are also out of town and won't be back until Sunday. SUNDAY?! Gah. So I resign myself to just having to wait.

Anyways, I get a text right before Pizza Night from Mr. Director. The text says, "I may or may not have just broken into your house through your bedroom window."
I shook my head. Silly boy.
The next text, a minute later, said, "And I may or may not have stolen your mail key..."
Clearly, the boy was lying.
The next text said, "And I may or may not be holding something you've been waiting for!"

Obviously, I didn't believe him. I called him and called his bluff. He insisted that he really had broken into my house, grabbed my mail key, and gotten into my mailbox. I still refused to believe him! I mean, come on! But then when he began detailing the things that he had seen in my bedroom, including specific pictures that were on my dresser....
...I started to believe him.

But I still demanded a picture of the call. Just to be certain.

And he sent it. Mr. Director did indeed have my mission call in hand.

And the rest is history! He forwarded it up to my family and I opened it on Saturday night on my way back down to Provo. So....the verdict it....

....I've been called to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida mission!

I'm speaking English, which I was a (tad) disappointed about, but whatever. I'm good at English. And besides, there are so many languages going on in South Florida (Miami, anyone?) that I'm sure to pick up some phrases here and there in Spanish, Creole, etc.

I'm reporting to the MTC on August 29...which means I will have approximately 2 weeks at home after I finish everything up here in Provo before heading back to Provo to go into the MTC. So it's pretty fast! But I'm not complaining. I didn't want to sit around waiting for a few months. :)

Anyways....there ya go. Come September I'll be one hot tamale. Oh, humidity, here I come!

The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Charmer. :) I'm so happy for you!!! This is going to be an excellent time, just you wait and see. :D


Congrats!!!! I have a friend who is in Fort Lauderdale. If you meet an Elder Loucks, he is a great man.

Marigold said...

Or an Elder Doria. He's a lot of fun. =)

When you run into all the Asia bound missionaries at the MTC who have been there for 9 and will still be there when you'll be glad you're english speaking. =P

Congratulations! :)

Beks said...

my brother served there! you will have such a great time :) congrats!