what? freak out? me? no way

7/26/2012 The Romantic 3 Comments

i consider this news so very important that i am blogging from a phone. a phone. i wish that i could do exclamation points to show you how excited i am, but the aforementioned smart phone isnt letting me. it wont let me do apostraphes either.... well my dear readers, surgery went well. in a year, they will see if i need more surgery. it all just depends on my shallow hip socket...i am turning into an eighty year old woman... no big.
anywho, mr. lowe has been texting me throughout  my convalesence. the percoset hasnt hindered me too much.... except for when i told him in korean that he looked very cuddley... lucky for me, theres no real way to look up romanized korean korean words... phew
but heres the best part, we are finally going on our date thats been in the works for like three weeks. this is where i would type a thousand exclamation points if i could.
so here it  is. my first date post mission.... i am only freaking out a little , ok a lot.
wish me luck, exclamation point goes here....
the romantic

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flutefairy said...

Hope it goes well :) No need to freak out.

Anonymous said...

YAY Romantic! I'm so glad your surgery went well and that you're ALIVE! :D Congrats on the date and I can't wait to hear about it! Hope the percoset doesn't have to come along...ha ha I have a funny from a post-op on percoset.

Summer said...

Good luck! I hope you have a ton of fun :)