Matrimony was her object, provided she could marry well.

7/27/2012 The Lady 1 Comments

As is to be expected, the unexpected has occurred. While over the greater course of this summer, I have been somewhat aloof towards men (because of Dex and whatnot), however, I could not remain so for very long. My affection for the opposite sex has returned with a vengeance. Though this is not what was unexpected, some recent occurrences are certainly not what I imagined.

Currently, there are four men with whom I am deeply enamored.

I often wish I was the sort of girl who could have one crush. One of my dearest friends has this ability. If she has a crush on a guy, she is fiercely loyal to them in both body and mind. As for myself, I cannot stand to only have one crush. It makes me feel vulnerable. It's easier for me to like several so that when one plainly doesn't like me back, there are others to take his place. It saves me a lot of trouble. But at the same time, it makes things difficult because I can never decide who to give most of my attention to. I also usually like each man for completely different reasons, so it makes it quite to difficult to compare them to each other. It would just be so much easier if I could combine all their great qualities into one ultimate man. Or maybe marry them all. Polyandry just might be my answer. Just joking! Maybe...

As I was saying, there are four men:

1. Colonel Brandon [whom I addressed two weeks ago].
2. Lord Byron [named purely for his poetic abilities and features, he is most unlike Lord Byron in other respects...]
3. Clive [Again].
4. Mr. Rival [Again. Again].

My topic today is: Mr. Rival

Where to begin?

Ah, first, I will address the issue of Mr. Rival's sister being a reader of this blog. Miss Rival unfortunately knows of my true identity (it's not hard to find out I'm afraid), but has graciously promised to keep it a secret from her brother. Yes? Yes. I also apologize to Miss Rival for any weird/confused feelings expressed with regards to your brother. You are a doll, and I am grateful for your cooperation and friendship.

Now I will address the issue of Mr. Rival. It is indeed an issue.

Though Mr. Rival began dating Miss Fairfax almost a year ago, we would still text each other less than frequently to catch up or exchange tidbits about new music we had discovered. (Such as Hey Marseilles!) But then around May or so, Mr. Rival began to text me more frequently. I, however, attempted to remain distant as I avoid fraternizing with men who have girlfriends (as a general rule). I had told Mr. Rival that I would be around when I went to visit my sister (in mad pursuit of Dex) and Mr. Rival decided that we should hang out as we hadn't seen each other for three years. Luckily, I narrowly escaped such a meeting as both Mr. Rival and I failed to communicate with each other the entire time I was in the vicinity. We're both exceptional at such things. I then proceeded to spend a week with my family in the mountains, only to return to Facebook to a change in relationship status. Mr. Rival and Miss Fairfax had broken up. I had been certain that they would be married. They had been dating for a lengthy amount of time (by LDS standards), and no one would have thought it strange if they had married. In fact, I think more people found it odd that they broke up. Such as myself.

At the sight of such news, hope surged within me. An interesting turn of events indeed. My happiness at the fact that Mr. Rival was no longer dating Miss Fairfax was pure wickedness. Oh, well. Within an instant, I was texting Mr. Rival about frivolous things, and ever since then, we have been texting each other almost every day. We have yet to see each other and I doubt whether we will until Christmas (by which time he is sure to be dating someone else again). But it's nice to have him back in my life even if the two of us are confused by it all. We've admitted to each other that we thought that we would have dated once he came home from his mission, but timing has a way taking you in a different direction. But it's just as well. I remain in a state of confusion as to whether I actually like him or whether I like the attention. He is a wonderful human being and an even better friend, and who I am to say what will happen in the future?

Frankly, I am not convinced that he is anyone other than Mr. Churchill, and besides that, I am still a coquette. I make no promises, nor can I make promises. Dating is still just a game to me. Someday I will have to start playing this game for keeps, but today is not that day.

Con Amor,
The Lady

P.S. Happy Olympics!

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The Charmer said...

So at first I thought the names of your men were Tangent and Segue. I thought it was fabulous. Their actual names are obviously fine as well. :) Haha.