My Date with Mr. Lowe

7/29/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

I may have written my last post under the influence of pain medication. Please don't judge.

But I am here now, medication free (for however long that lasts), wanting to tell the story of my date with Mr. Lowe. Here it goes.

I suppose in my young life time, I have been known, once or twice (read, all the time), to freak out about things.

As I lay in bed the night before my big date with Mr. Lowe, contemplating every possible little thing that could go wrong, it suddenly hit me.

The door step scene. What if he hugged me!? What if he HUGGED ME!?!?! The memory of the last time I hugged an attractive man re-played over and over in my head. And with Mr. Lowe, I would be on crutches. Certainly my awkward post-mission disposition around men coupled with my current crippled status would be a recipe for a disaster of epic proportions.

I immediately texted an old room mate and informed her of the situation. She assured me that all would be well and that a one armed hug would be perfectly appropriate in my current circumstances.

Relieved, I finally fell asleep, only to spend the next day in a tizzy of emotions. I had nothing to wear. Nothing. Most of my non-missionary clothes are in storage in Utah. And unless i wanted to squeeze into my 9 year old sister's clothes (maybe my thigh could fit into one of her shirts) I was stuck wearing a skirt.

I felt overly dressed for ice cream.

At 6, he picked me up. The plan was to go to the arcade, and then ice cream.

I pretty much lost every game we played together. But, let's be honest, it was to be expected. I'm no good at arcade games. But the less than 50% score I got when we played guitar hero was a little embarrassing.

I was a little surprised at how touchy he was. Not soon after he picked me up, he touched my knee playfully. And my arms and shoulders from time to time. And so on and so forth.

On the way to ice cream, he handed me his iphone to navigate. Apparently my 80 year old woman status is not just limited to my hip, but my inability to use new technological devices as well. I had us driving the wrong way for a good 20 minutes. When we finally figured it out, he pulled over to the side of the road and just ruffled my hair playfully. I think normally that would have bothered me, but when he did it, I just melted in my seat a little.

When it finally came time to drop me off, I was a nervous wreck. My crutches made everything infinitely more awkward. I felt comfortable enough to hug him, but those darn crutches! My front porch has several steps leading up to the door. I reached the top step, and turned around to give him a hug. He was on the step below me. He smelled really nice! I thought the hug went well, until I thought about it later..... His face may have potentially been smashed right against my ...erm... well, bosoms... Like a hug from your great aunt Myrtle. He never said anything. So maybe his face went more towards my neck. But the proportions of my front steps are just so....

Anywho, an after date text was sent. He responded by saying we'd do something again when after I'm done convalescing! So that's a good sign right?!

I don't know what's happened to me dear readers! I used to be confident! I was the girl who asked for a guy's number while sitting in traffic on the freeway! I used to get numbers at birthday parties like nobody's business! I used to get asked out by simply being a writer on this very website! I used to be a dating guru! But now, I'm a nervous wreck most of the time. 

Despite reassurances from several of my friends (and even my stake president) that Mr. Lowe would be lucky to date me, I'm just a frazzled mess. 

I hope things will return to normal once I had back to Provo. Hopefully I can find a place to live....

-the romantic

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my gosh, best post ever! Especially the hug! I was rolling and laughing forever. In fact thinking about it the day after reading this I was still laughing! Thanks for sharing your post mission, post surgery, drug induced dating with us all. :D