Weekend Update on The Lone Wanderer

6/06/2012 The Closer 3 Comments

I am sure that you have been dying to hear an update on this exciting news. Alright, alright, I'll give it!

Memorial Day weekend I rendezvoused with The Lone Wanderer in Idaho, wondering if the same chemistry would be there that we had in text and on the phone. The last time I had seen him, we were still friends that hadn't admitted to liking one another. I was so nervous and excited to find out what things would be like now it was all out in the open.

I was there in Idaho for two days, and had plenty to keep us busy. Over the two days we went on a few walks and hikes, and let me tell you, this guy is ridiculous, in a good way. On one of our hikes he would point to almost every plant and tell me about what it could be used for. "Oh this one you can snap off and make a blow gun out of, this one is great for weaving baskets, these berries can be used as yeast, you can make rope out of this bark- here, I'll show you". I now have a six inch piece of rope that he made for me out of tree bark. Tell me any of you other ladies can say that!

We went on a walk by a river and talked about some of our life experiences, how we ended up where we are. It was great getting to know and understand him better with that perspective.

I cooked him dinner at my cousin's house one of the nights, and he loved it. Afterwards we watched a movie, and cuddled.

Anddddddd... we kissed.

Insert smile here.

There was so much build up of expectation for this weekend, that I think we were both pretty worried about it not living up to them, or worse yet, it being a total bust. On my last day there he told me "I didn't think it was possible, but this weekend has been even better than I had hoped for."

(!!!) Insert more smiles here.

I came home to a flurry of questions from the friends I had told. "How was it??" "Did he kiss you??" "What do you think of him??" "So are you guys dating now??" "Did you DTR??"

Geez louise those kinds of questions are stressful, but I answered them all.

So what is going on now with me and The Lone Wanderer? I guess you'll have to wait until next week to find out...

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Rachel said...
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Eleanor Dashwood said...

Dear Closer,

I love you, and I love your stories. But you can't leave us hanging like this. I'm going nuts.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I like hearing exciting news and this is very happy. :)