The Boys of Apt. 117: Part 3

6/23/2012 The Charmer 1 Comments

There is an apartment of boys who will live in infamy in the memory of my sophomore-year roommates. The boys of Apartment 117 caused tears, confusion, and lots of lots of laughter because once upon a time, I got mixed up with the boys who lived in Apartment 117.
This is their/my/our story. 


I mentioned last time that Dorian asked for my number right in front of Byron, who (unfortunately) was in love with me. After flirt-texting for a day or so, Dorian stopped by my apartment and asked me out for that weekend. I really hoped that Cedric and Byron didn't hear about it.

That Friday, Dorian and I went out on a somewhat Provo-cliche date to Trafalga. Surprisingly, I found myself really enjoying the date; Dorian was easy to talk to, funny, and used just the right amount of touchiness. After a subsequent movie at his friend's apartment, I found myself sitting in Dorian's car in our apartment complex's parking lot. The date had been fun, but it was 1:30 in the morning and I was definitely ready to be done. But for some reason, we were just sitting there in his car. Every time I felt like we were about to head inside, he kept talking to me. Suddenly there was a lull in the conversation, and he gave me the look. Now any girl who has been kissed before has probably experienced "the look." Guys always get it right before they kiss you. My thought process went something like this: Really?! Is he REALLY going to kiss me right now?! Gah....should I kiss him back...or...or open the door and run away?

Anyways, he did kiss me. And I did kiss him back. I mean, what was I supposed to do? I was trapped in his car.

However, since I wasn't totally sure that I wanted to kiss him, I cut it off pretty quickly. was sort of an awkward moment. Not gonna lie.

To make a long story short, Dorian and I hung out a couple more times but nothing else ever happened. Sure, he was fun, but I realized I definitely wasn't interested in dating him. Byron eventually backed off and I began only seeing him occasionally. Although I continued to try and pursue Cedric (who had no idea Dorian and I had even gone on a date, much less known that Dorian and I had shared a kiss), eventually it was clear that he wasn't interested. He ended up dating his ex-girlfriend again.

So...that's the end, right?

Not quite.

Months later, The Roommate and I ended up at the grocery store with Alastair and Edgar. It was one of those loopy crazy nights when secrets are flying, and we ended up telling them the whole story of what had gone down between me and their three roommates. Alastair was surprised by the whole thing and was apparently clueless as to all that had transpired. Edgar, however, knew about everything; he even let me know that Cedric had indeed been interested in me at one point (yesss!). We all laughed about it. Silly boys.

And then when the other two weren't paying attention, Edgar let me know that he, in fact, had wanted to date me ever since he'd first met me.


And THAT is the story of Apartment 117.

Epilogue: Cedric, Byron, and Dorian are all married now.
Cedric and I never did go on a date; instead, he married his ex-girlfriend (who obviously became his girlfriend again at some point).
Edgar and I went on a date and he gave me a Christmas present after telling me that he'd only gotten presents for two people: his mom and me. Awkward.
Alastair went on to have a short-lived fling with one of my roommates and actually became good friends with The Roommate and I. He now lives in Mr. Director's apartment complex and I occasionally run into him.

the charmer 

I'm heading out of state tomorrow to do a couple sessions of EFY, so I won't be blogging for the two weeks. Alas, I am also sorry to report that my mission call has NOT come yet, so it will probably be sitting in my mailbox and waiting for me until I return to the land of Provo. If that becomes the case (which I suspect it will), I am going to try my hardest not to think about that big white envelope just sitting there...containing the secrets of my close but yet so far.....yeah.

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Summer said...

Wow, that's pretty funny that 4 roommates would all end up being interested in you at some point! Makes a good story :) I can't believe you'll have to wait for your mission call! That's so frustrating. You could always have somebody read it to you over Skype if you can't wait :)