Waiting Game

6/06/2012 The Charmer 8 Comments

This blog post is going to be another short, relatively unexciting one, just FYI. Maybe next week I'll tell you a good ol' dating story from my more exciting college years. ;)

I haven't had much time to go out and do blogworthy things since my time is consumed by work, classes, and five hours of rehearsal every night. Our show opens soon, though, which means we'll have a real audience...and LESS REHEARSALS! Yay! Who knows, maybe some of you are actually planning on coming to see the show! If so, you'll get to see a lot of Mr. Director and Hunk and you'll see me for like 15 minutes total in various unflattering shades of green. Oh well. It's fun. :)

Speaking of Mr. Dir, we've been having a lovely couple of weeks. Sure, we're still in that awkward "dating-not-dating-friendship" phase, but now that I've decided to stop letting it bug me it's really not an issue. He's become my best friend and so the time we spend together is just comfortable and fun. Of course, the rest of the cast members love the fact that Mr. Dir and I sort of have a thing. Their favorite question is, "Do you think he'll propose?! What if he proposed...what would you say?"
Gah. I don't know what I would say. I will admit the wonderful time that we've been spending has made me a bit wavery about the mission. (But just a bit.)

And that brings me to (more) exciting news...MY PAPERS ARE GOING IN THIS WEEK!!! Luckily, we got the dental situation all figured out. So, I met with my stake president on Sunday and he gave me the go-ahead. A mission call will be on its way to me in 2-3 weeks! YESSSS!
I'll be honest, it hasn't quite hit me yet. I think once I'm actually holding the envelope in my hands is when I'll finally be nervous. It will be like the times I got my AP scores in the mail and I didn't want to open the envelope...but I just had to know. (I will have you know that I was quite pleased with all of my AP scores, by the way.)

So far, I've had a couple people guess Argentina, a few people guess Russia (I really don't think I'm going to Russia, btw), and a whole lot of people smirk at me and say "TEMPLE SQUARE!"  So I guess we'll see. Recently, I have really warmed up to the idea of being sent to Temple Square. I think I'd love that mission. But alas, despite the fact that I have no inkling of where I will be sent, I do have a feeling that it won't be to Temple Square. I'd love a church history mission, like the Nauvoo or Rochester (NY) missions, but my top choice is still Taiwan.

And now...I just wait. I don't like waiting, but it is fun to think about how close I am to getting my call and ponder on all the possibilities of where I might go! Eep! Where do you think I'll be sent?

The Charmer

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Jessica said...

I used to have that smirky attitude about the Temple Square mission myself, until I actually went on a mission (normal proselyting- not a visitor's center) and all of a sudden Temple Square seemed like the coolest place in the world to be! You would get to meet such a diverse crowd of people every day! We would get referrals from people who had visited, and they always had the most amazing stories of their visits there. Very cool :)

Wherever you go (even if it's Russia or Temple Square or Idaho) will be where you're needed and you will learn to love it more than almost any other place on earth! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the waiting game...I hated that. But I loved the excitement building and people guessing where I was going, as well as me thinking of all the many places in the world I could go. The one place I never thought of, and totally forgot about...that's where I went. Best mission ever! I am so excited for you!

Kailee said...

Haha I just watched this church movie on Sunday called "One Good Man" and this boy is getting his mission call. So all his family members are throwing out places of where he could go and his little brother shouts "temple square!," and then the soon-to-be missionary goes, "Do I look like a hot sister?" I laughed so hard at that comment. Anyways, I was reminded of that when you were talking about temple square, which I'd agree is probably a way fun mission! I'm so excited to see where you get called to!

I think temple square would be a FUN mission since its so out of the ordinary. I mean...its all sisters. But then again I think sisters can also be really annoying and I did my best to avoid sister get togethers on the mission so maybe I wouldn't have had fun. But the diversity could also be worth it.

If you get called to Taiwan, maybe you could be my sister's companion! Not that she's been called there...but I still maintain that she will be =P

Mr. Director's other brother said...

You know, Mr. Director went to Taiwan...

The Charmer said...

Really? I had no idea. After knowing him for 10 months he never mentioned that. ;)

Kidding. My mom served there too, did you know that? I grew up my whole life hearing about Taiwan and I always wanted a chance to go there.

The Charmer

Anonymous said...


I am so excited for you! I just wanted to let you know that I just opened my mission call 2 days ago! I was 90% positive I would go Spanish speaking stateside as 8/8 older siblings went Spanish, and I already have had experience living in foreign country. Boy, was I in for a suprise! I was called to Russia!
At least someone has mentioned Russia to you, because of the 100+ people who guessed for me, NOBODY guessed Russia.
Where ever you go, I know it is where the Lord needs you to be! (Even if it is the last place on Earth you expected!)
P.S. Russia isn't so bad - the 2014 Olympics will be in my mission while I'm there! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the waiting game. Just got through with that. Three weeks is pure torture when it comes to something like this.

Opened my own call a week ago and got TEMPLE SQUARE. Won't lie. I cried. I was upset at first but I'm really warming up to it now. It should be an adventure!! Good luck waiting and to where ever you get called!!! Just remember the Lord knows where you need to go!

Oh and about the "Not feeling real" thing. Yeah, It still feels like a dream. Hoepfully it will hit me soon.

Cant wait to read where you go!!