The Boys of Apartment 117: A Whimsical Dating Story from the Life of The Charmer

6/12/2012 The Charmer 2 Comments

Since my dating life has been particularly boring lately (read=nonexistant) due to the fact that everyone thinks I'm dating Mr. Director (and I guess I basically am) and my life is consumed by school, work, and play rehearsals/performances (aka no free time), I decided to pull some stories out of my dating archives to share with you.
This is a good one, but it's kind of long and has the potential to be confusing. So I'll split it up into a couple of posts.


There is an apartment of boys who will live in infamy in the memory of my sophomore-year roommates. The boys of Apartment 117 caused tears, confusion, and lots of lots of laughter because once upon a time, I got mixed up with the boys who lived in Apartment 117.
This is their/my/our story.

To keep things easy, we'll just give them all alphabetical names. The five roommates are:

I first met Alastair, Byron, and Cedric at my birthday party. As new sophomores, my roommate and I were determined to establish a social life just as exciting as the one we'd had our freshman year, so we threw a big birthday bash when I turned 19. I immediately had a major crush on Cedric and after the party, my roomie and I proceeded to do a very thorough Facebook stalk of him (which just means we clicked "Older Posts" until there were no more older posts) until 1 or 1:30 in the morning. It was official: he was cute, funny, interesting, and was the perfect "first real boyfriend" material. My sights were set.

Luckily for me, the next week involved further flirtations with Cedric at the ward social and at a subsequent movie night he threw at his apartment. I had to ward off a couple of other potential admirers, but in the end, I was the one sitting next to him at the movie night. I considered that a triumph. I'd like to add that we were sitting in very close proximity at the movie night as we all watched a (likely pirated) copy of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. Romantic, eh?  
Anyways, Cedric definitely seemed interested and I was definitely excited. I began concocting all sorts of plans, such as how we could carpool to Idaho for Thanksgiving so that I could visit my grandparents (at the time, I didn't realize that his hometown of Idaho Falls was actually in the opposite direction of Boise, where my grandparents lived).

Sometime during our hangouts that week, I also met the other two roommates, Dorian and Edgar. Edgar was the poetic musician type and seemed to keep to himself. Dorian was charismatic and friendly and Cedric kept referring to him as the "hot" roommate. Sure, he was cute enough...but he was also the stereotypical California boy and definitely not "my type," so I didn't pay him much attention. (Plus, I had my eye on Cedric and Cedric only! Duh!)

In the midst of my scheming that week, I was surprised when Byron stopped by and asked me on a date for that weekend. Of course, I said yes, and so that Saturday we doubled with Alastair and his girlfriend on a date to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. It was fun, but I missed most of the stories because Byron wanted to talk the whole time. I later learned that this was a big deal for him, since Byron wasn't the type of guy who opened up to girls very easily.

I think Byron and I went on another date the next week. For some reason I can't remember it, but he told me his whole life story at one point in our friendship so I'm assuming there was another date in there somewhere.(There was also a 3-hour round trip drive to eastern Utah, but that's a different story.) Unfortunately for me, during this two week time period I didn't see Cedric much. I worried that the miniscule progress we'd made towards a real relationship might have been lost during our flirt-less weeks. I tried to figure out how I could let him know that I was interested.

THEN I found out a bit of horrifying news: after the Storytelling Festival, Alastair told the other boys of 117 that Byron and I had really hit it off and were practically dating. When I found out, I couldn't believe it! NO NO NO! How was I supposed to win over Cedric if he thought I was interested in his roommate? No wonder he'd seemed to back off! Sure, Byron was nice, but there was definitely no interest on my part.

What was this little Charmer to do?


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Can you continue the rest today?!

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^I second that! I can already tell this is going to be a wonderful tale :)