The Boys of Apartment 117: Part 2

6/19/2012 The Charmer 2 Comments

There is an apartment of boys who will live in infamy in the memory of my sophomore-year roommates. The boys of Apartment 117 caused tears, confusion, and lots of lots of laughter because once upon a time, I got mixed up with the boys who lived in Apartment 117.
This is their/my/our story. 

the charmer

When I last left you, I'd found out that Alastair had told his roommates that Byron and I were dating. I was not pleased. I'd also heard a rumor that Cedric had been spending time with his ex-girlfriend, which explained why he'd been MIA the past couple weeks. Again, not pleased. So, like the tactless sophomores we were, my roommate and I invited Cedric over for a chat. We said we "needed his advice." Basically, I explained to him that I wasn't interested in Byron but I had a feeling that Byron was very interested in me, and I wasn't sure how to approach it. (Really, the motive behind this discussion was obviously to let Cedric know that I wasn't interested in Byron and thus he, Cedric, should keep pursuing me!) Cedric told me that Byron had expressed an interest in dating me exclusively and was probably going to approach me about it. (NOOO!) Cedric told me that I should just be honest with Byron and let him know how I felt.

That Sunday, Byron shows up at my door and asks if I can come into the apartment hallway and talk to him. Umm...awkward. I glance at my roommates, who have all definitely taken notice of the situation, leave my apartment, and try my hardest not to wince as Byron smiles at me. He's going to ask me out. Oh no. What do I do?!?! He looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, "Charmer, I think you're beautiful and one of the most amazing people I know and I wouldn't be opposed to a relationship with you..." [my heart started racing, and not in a pleasant way]... "BUT I think it might be best if we're just friends." I did a double take. Did he really just say that? Was I saved from awkwardly rejecting the poor kid?! YES YES YES!  I was thrilled, even though it was obvious he didn't really just want to be friends. But the words had come out of his mouth, not mine, and so I was a happy woman. I found out later that he'd asked Cedric about me, and Cedric had advised him that I wasn't interested in a relationship. The Roommate and I were pleased that our little chat had done its job.

So, this story is over, right? The Charmer can go on to pursue Cedric, right?
Not quite.

My experience with the boys of Apt. 117 taught me that boys don't always communicate very well with each other, since apparently Dorian never got the memo that Byron was extremely interested in me. Later that week, I was studying in the apartment lobby when Dorian and Byron popped out of nowhere. Although I assumed Byron would sit next to me, it was Dorian who sidled up next to me. Byron, a bit dejected, sat across the room from us and pulled out a biochem textbook. I could feel his eyes on me as Dorian pulled out an iPod to entertain me with playlists of his favorite artists. I knew Byron was just dying as Dorian and I sat, laughing and chatting across the room from him. Wanting to spare the poor kid, I got up to leave. I said goodbye to the boys and congratulated myself for avoiding what could have become a terribly awkward situation. Unfortunately, my congratulatory gesture was premature.
Dorian, obviously clueless about Byron's intentions, stopped me and asked if he could get my number.

So...well...I gave it to him. And I just hoped that Byron was as engrossed in his biochem reading as he was pretending to be.

...TO BE CONTINUED (before next Tuesday, don't worry!)...

PS- I would like to point out that this story is so confusing and absurd that I had to pull out my old journal just to make sure I got the details and the timeline right. So that quote from Byron about "not being opposed to a relationship" is an exact quote. And as I read my journal I also realized that my sophomore self was ridiculously boy-crazy and out of control. Just sayin'.

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Visionarri said...

OHH, this is engrossing. I have to keep checking back because I have so many ridiculous experiences like this with boys and it is enthralling to hear about your complicated, awkward situations involving them! PART 3!! PART 3!!

Sarah said...

It is comforting to know that other people were crazy and dare I say immature about boys like I was! Nice to know we are not alone.