"Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery: part II"

6/11/2012 The Blue Stocking 6 Comments

Bingley and his girl started dating in March.

So let’s take another gander at that little time chart I made last week:

February: Like is in the air!
March: Everything was fine.
April: Things were busy, but we were still going on dates.
May: We planned a couple dates, but had to reschedule because we both were going out of town...a lot.
June: He has a girlfriend.

Now let’s do some simple math.

Bingley and girl start dating in March + my chart = confusion.

So how did I happen upon this new development? Well that’s another funny story. On Wednesday Bingley came over to my apartment to hang out and tell my roommates about his new girl. Swell ain’t it?

It’s almost laughable how wonky this whole situation has turned out to be. Now, on any given day I come home to Bingley and his girl snuggled up outside my apartment. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The only great thing to come from this situation is this: do you know that awful stomach twisted, gut wrentched, I-want-to-throw-up feeling you get when you see the guy you like with someone else?

I have failed to get that from all of this. Hurrah!  

But Bingley doesn’t know that; therefore, he should take his awkward cuddling elsewhere.

C'est La Vie,

-The Blue Stocking

P.S. How can someone date two people at once without feeling like a shmutz?

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The Skeptic said...

Ugh. I don't think you CAN date two people without feeling like a shmutz. Therefore, he must feel like a shmutz. The end.

Anonymous said...

Was he officially in a relationship with the other girl? Or was he just going on a sequence of dates with two girls?

The former is a no-no. The latter is normal.

Anonymous said...

I think it's normal if he was just dating two girls at the same time. But apparently, he's been going on dates with both of you for months. Boy needed to make up his mind and stop stringing you along a while ago. And he really should have told you about the other girl instead of just ignoring you every other week, and then randomly showing up with her. I get someone being confused about who he should date, but he went about this all wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm with The Skeptic...he sounds like a schmutz, feels like a schmutz, therefore he is a schmutz.

Ok, I feel bad that I hinted at Bingley being a shmutz. I never intended my posts to turn into bitter rants about the guys I date. Honestly, I still believe Bingley is a great guy. We just didn't work out. I wish he had handled things differently and I wish that I didn't have to spend months trying to figure out what was going on, but that's life. Dating is never simple and it's always a risk and I hope one day I find a guy worth risking it all for.

I hope your dating lives are going well and happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

He's still a shmutz :)