This has to be some sort of fluke or something

11/11/2010 The Romantic 2 Comments

I have a confession to make. I don't really date all that often.


I know, shocking isn't it? How is it that I write on a dating blog then? I suppose it stems from the fact that I have a fantastical amounts of romantical ideals. And also, I seem to always have the strangest experiences with men.

I was recounting some of my favorite boy stories with a friend of mine the other night. Here's just a little taste:
-There was one boy, recently returned from his mission that my room mate liked. He did not like her back the same way. But he and I became very close. In fact, one night we cuddled. And my roomie was there, we thought she had been asleep. We thought we'd made sure. We called her name, told her to wake up. We really thought she'd been asleep. But she wasn't. Oh no she was not indeed. I found out later that she'd been pretending, and eavesdropping on everything we'd been talking about. And then we found out the boy had a semi-girlfriend at BYU-H anyway. So who he liked in Provo was moot point...It was perhaps the biggest drama of my entire life.

-Right before I left on my study abroad, my ex-boyfriend went crazy with grief that I was leaving, and drew me on his car... CREEEEEPY. I never saw it, I only heard about it while on my semester abroad. After I came back and he was dating someone else, I confronted him about it. But he said that it was in fact not me but just a "representational figure". Ha! My friends and I saw his car one day. The "representational figure" was scrubbed off. If it wasn't me, then why scrub it off?

-I scratched my cornea once. It happened to be while I was "watching" sound of music with my boyfriend at the time. i promise i wasn't being scandalous. but really, how does one scratch their cornea when kissing?? i still am not sure to this day.

This is just a small piece of what I go through with men. Best Friend Guy (who just got engaged on saturday, insert tears of sorrow here) thinks I should start having cameras follow me around, just so people see that I'm not making this stuff up, nor do I bring it upon myself. I just seem to attract the crazies.

So this semester, I've gone on a grand total of five dates! WHOO!

I think that's more than the rest of my years at BYU combined.

And one of my FHE brothers asked me out for Saturday! I think this really must be some sort of fluke. I've been going on dates with semi-normal people, and actually having fun! Saturday night, BYU boy (he is the biggest psycho fan of byu that you will ever meet) and I are going to the choir concert. Which is really nice, because I've mentioned how much I like the arts, and not sports. It shows thought. Although I will go to sporting events. I am a cougar after all.

It makes me wonder what I'm doing differently this semester, besides asking strange men for their number on the freeway of course.

It has to be some sort of fluke.

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John Silva said...

Take the flukes running. Those tend to be the best times to date . . . ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm marrying my worst fluke of a date. It's a funny story now