The Summer Summed-Up

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Well, my summer of EFY is over. Easily one of the most fabulous summers I've ever had, even despite the lack of sleep and severe lack of quality food. Dating-wise, I ended the summer about where I started out: still relationship-less, but no bemoaning my plight. In fact, I'm super okay with it. I ended with 6 dates, 1 unfortunate hand-holding incident, and 1 ex-boyfriend who may still be in love with me (not Mr. Director, don't worry, that boy is off & married & I haven't said a word to him since I got home). There were also too many awkward moments to count as countless 15-year-olds tried to set me up with other counselors. Unfortunately for my girls this summer, they had a 0% success rate at actually getting me a date with said counselors.

An Update on the Men of my Summer:
--I hadn't heard from Logan in weeks until he randomly texted me last Thursday. Unfortunately there were no confessions of love or even offers to take me on a date. Phooey. I'm fairly doubtful anything will happen there...but a girl can dream, right?
--Nevada and I worked the same session this last week. Partway through the week, a couple of my girls happened to meet him and discovered that we knew each other. In fact, Nevada jokingly told them, "Ah yeah, the Charmer turned me down for a date a couple weeks ago." This of course fueled their little fires and the rest of the week was spent trying to hook us up. On Thursday I made the terrible mistake of playing a game with them called "What are the Odds" and ended up losing, meaning I had to ask Nevada on a date. Lemme just was awkward. But, for the record, I now have a little more sympathy for boys. It's definitely intimidating, asking someone on a date. I've been on quite a few of them in my time but the actual asking is NOT an area I'm experienced in. (I'm pretty sure I've NEVER actually asked a boy out) So, to every guy out there who HAS asked a girl on a date....thanks for pushing through the awkwardness and the anxiety and for being bold enough to just do it. I know we ladies don't give you enough credit. Lesson learned. 
--Remember Melbourne? Yeah, probably not, as he barely got a mention in my post that was completely devoted to my crush Logan. The thing is that neither of us was interested AT ALL in each other during the week we were actually co-counselors, but we still really hit it off and became fast friends. In the last 6 weeks we've gotten really close (friends-wise). We text all the time, I give him dating advice (as IF my RM self was qualified to do such a thing), and at every EFY function we always sit together and laugh too much and are WAY too irreverent.  Anyway, I was sitting by him at breakfast on Saturday morning and all of a sudden it hit me. "Dang it. I think I have a thing for Melbourne." 

How could I not have noticed?! When did this happen?! No idea, but it was fairly obvious to me as I sat next to him that I definitely cared about him a lot more than I would care about someone who was just a friend. Ay. Me and my restless heart.

Well, the unfortunate truth is that I probably won't see any of these boys again. I haven't mentioned this yet on the blog, but in a couple of weeks I am removing myself from the dating pool and from all of these nice eligible EFY boys. I am pulling a Romantic and am moving to Asia!

Yes, it's a pretty dramatic life change. I'm going to be teaching English in China for the next year! I am excited and terrified and am also wondering what sorts of repercussions this will have on my goal to get married at some point during my young adult life. But this opportunity just fell into my lap and I felt fantastic about it. I have no doubt that for whatever reason, it's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

And to be honest, I'm really not feeling too bad about leaving the dating scene. After all, remember how I'm so totally over it? Maybe a year-long sabbatical will be just what I need to get me excited to jump back in to the dating pool come next July.

Until then, I have about 2 1/2 weeks left in my American summer. Will Logan ever text me again? Will Nevada and I actually go on that date? Will I have any summer flings back home? Doubtful, but if anything interesting happens...I promise that you'll be the first to know.

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