Monsoon Season

8/13/2014 The Romantic 0 Comments

Previously on the Adventures of the Romantic: We last left our heroine maybe dating "the Korean." A situation which left her utterly confused and the members a bit wary. Click here for more details.

Well my dearest readers, its been quite a long time since our last little chat. It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, it's just that I've become quite lazy and have preferred to watch old episodes of Felicity inside of doing something productive like writing or studying for the GRE. (Side note: Ben+Felicity 5evvver) But never fear, because here we meet again, and boy, do I have a lot to tell you.

The thing about Koreans is, they are the busiest little busy bees you have ever met. So unless you make time to interact with each other, its not going to casually happen. Given this certain facet of Korean life, things with The Korean have sort of fizzled off. We meet maybe once a month, or once every other month. And I flirt with him because.... well... I can. And then we don't meet for another month.

Which brings us to the study café I now frequent these days. About three months ago, I began to attend a Korean study group. Attendance every week isn't mandatory. So we usually get a wide variety of foreigners that show up every week (some who are quite strange), as well as a fairly steady group of Korean college students. The lucky thing is, we all usually end up hanging out together after.

Through this little study café, I've met three guys that I'd love to tell you about: Mr. Real Man, The Employee, and the Korean Man of My Dreams (we'll just call him Mr. Korean Dreamboat for short, or Mr. KD).

The stories of each of these men deserve their own post. So I'll be back soon with more details. But it's monsoon season right now in Korea, and never has the phrase "when it rains, it pours" meant so much to me.

Until next time loves,
-the Romantic

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