Unlikely Circumstance

8/21/2014 The Charmer 1 Comments

It seems to me like we tend to find love in the most unlikely of places.

I spent four years at BYU dating and dating and DATING. I met a lot of great guys, I met a lot of quirky guys, but I think I can honestly say that I never met someone I liked quite as much as the guy I met last week. No, he's not in Vocal Point, he's not an MTC teacher, and in fact he's not even a returned missionary [...yet]. Somehow I fell for a kid from Michigan who probably spent more time partying during his college years than he did studying.

And believe me, THAT has come as a surprise.

The three things I like most about Ammon:

1. He is honestly the most respectful guy that I have ever dated. When I'm with him, I don't have to worry about any unfortunate handholding incidents like I experienced earlier this summer. Since he's still a little new to the LDS culture, he is totally dedicated to making sure he's doing dating "right." In fact, earlier in the week he even texted me and said, "So I know this is awkward....but I'm still trying to figure out how to flirt and be with a girl while still maintaining a Christlike relationship. Is holding hands okay?" You may find that text cringe-worthy. I, however, found myself applauding the fact that there is still a man in this world who cares enough to ask.
2. I find him truly charming. He has this charismatic, inviting personality; two seconds after we'd met, he was already talking to me as if we'd been friends for years. We have a blast and a half when we're together, he's not afraid to be spontaneous, he makes me laugh constantly, and he is so sincere about everything he says and does. Also, believe it or not, he'll occasionally break into random songs (which is one of those things I worried that only I did!).
3. He is so dedicated to the gospel. Even though his whole family is still praying on a daily basis to "reclaim his soul" after he was baptized into the LDS church, his conviction is as strong as ever. I mean, come on, last night he asked me to help him do his family history so that we could bring his family names to the temple on Saturday. He absolutely knows the gospel is true and he recognizes that he's a much better person than he was before the Church enters his life. Oh, and he is completely set on serving a mission in 8 months when he hits his year-mark.

Which brings us to another interesting twist of fate. He's going to serve a mission, which I 100% support. But that means that after this week I don't have the possibility of seeing him again until the year 2017.

I don't even want to talk about how old I'm going to be in 2017.

So that brings us to the great question...why on earth did I meet this boy?

Well as my wise best friend put it,
"The way I see it, there are basically two reasons that God might have put this boy in your life: 1. He's your FEC [that's future eternal companion] or 2. He wanted you to see what you really should be looking for when you meet whoever IS your FEC.
Either way, enjoy it while you can, darling, because China calls."

In other words, I guess I could either blow up my brain trying to read between the lines, wondering if he is THE ONE and if that means I don't get married for another 3 years.....
....or I could just choose to enjoy this week, take a mental note of the things that I like about him, pledge to only marry a boy who respects me as much as Ammon does, and leave the rest up to God.

Yup, I choose option b. Which is a big deal for an overanalyzer like myself.

the charmer

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Emily said...

God works in mysterious ways. I'm glad you have had someone treat you so well.