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5/25/2014 The Charmer 1 Comments

I am attempting to squeeze in a post before I head off on the wild adventure that is going to be my summer!

Tonight, I'm back in my beloved Provo! Ah, it feels good to be back. I think it will always feel like home to me. Tomorrow I get to sport a lovely red EFY counselor polo and start following kids around campus. I actually ran into The Lady a couple times already, which was fun. Who knows, maybe I ran into some of our readers as well? 

I feel like I should at least update you a little bit on some of the more recent occurrences in my love life because yes, there have been a few. Hopefully I'll get to squeeze a few posts in with these little incidents.

First off, though, someone asked whatever happened to Ace, my crush of a few summers ago? Honestly....I  don't know! We'd been messaging back and forth, things were lovely....and then all of a sudden, we just stopped talking. I think I was the last one to send him a message and he just never wrote back. Maybe he started dating someone, maybe he got busy with work, who knows. I really should shoot him another message and see how he's doing. He is an AWESOME guy.

Oh my, I really am quite exhausted. I started to write about one of the many humorous incidents in my love life but my brain started to turn off. Looks like it's bed time.

BUT just in case any of you were wondering, I did have my fair share of dates in the past couple months. I got to try Moroccan food, I saw the new Captain American movie, and I even learned how to make homemade croissants (which, by the way, if you are considering this for a date you should know that the process is 7 hours long.)
Oh, also, I did have a small fling before leaving for the summer. Just a small one. In fact, I have even had a post-mission kiss (or two). And all this from a girl who feels like she doesn't even know how to flirt anymore....

I do plan to update you on all that. I really do. Hold me to it.
Just not right now while my brain is shutting off. ;)

The Charmer

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